Seven tips to creatively improve web design

Seven tips to creatively improve web design

Creativity is the secret of being unique among all the competitors. It brings a core competency for us.

Remember the following points. These will help you have a more creative design and read about tips to creatively improve web design.

1- Get inspired for designing web design creatively from outside the internet

Designers do not spend much time finding good examples online. There are many sources of inspiration for creative people and may include other published works, such as building web design and even landscaping to creatively improve web design.

2- Learn about colors

Sometimes learning more about complementary colors helps a lot, and it is an excellent place to start with a link made by a painting company. Again, many different concepts, like home design, can help improve your web design.

3- Learn more about fonts to creatively improve web design

The size and shape of the posts on a page can increase the readability of a site. It also changes the impact the site has on visitors. Website designers need to know what fonts look professional and match the content and theme of their site to creatively improve web design.

4- Do not forget to use backgrounds

Years ago, designers were advised not to use experiences because of the use of bandwidth. However, today it is possible to optimize these images for faster loading. Most users also have access to high-speed internet. Backgrounds may be more severe for the mobile version of the website.

5. Learn Photoshop to creatively improve web design

Designers who are proficient in tools like Photoshop can create anything they or their clients can imagine. Many online resources can help designers to improve their skills in various fields and devices.

6. Start with a drawing

Many designers started with web design software or even coding it in HTML from the beginning. Still, the best way for creative people is to first implement their design or idea on a piece of paper and then move on to the next steps, and it will increase the creativity of the designers and better organize the plans.

7- Surf the web

There are many examples of functional and poorly designed websites that we can quickly found on the internet. Look for award-winning websites and use those designs to increase your skills and creativity. Look for poorly designed websites as well to know what to avoid. Sometimes looking at bad sites can help as much as reviewing useful websites.

Use the available tools for web design

There are thousands of different tools with attractive features that you can use in any part of your website. These tools are so diverse and abundant that even searching for them can create new ideas for you. So do not forget to use the best of these tools as much as possible.


Why does a professional online store web design help your business and financial growth?

Why does a professional online store web design help your business and financial growth?

Until a few years ago, most people did not understand how much a site could affect their business, but today, thanks to smartphones and the spread of the Internet, it has become clear to most people. Having a website is essential in starting a business besides other business start-up concerns. Creating a site increases the credibility of your company. It will also increase your online presence and will make the audience towards your business grow. Here we will talk in full about the advantages of this platform and the factors affecting having a successful site especially the online store web design.

How and why does an online store web design help your business and financial growth?

The website is a shop sign or shop window. Your business is exposed to the public by your customers through the website. But the essential point is that your other customers will not be from a neighborhood or even a city, but everyone who uses the Internet can be your business customers.
In this article, we will examine the necessity of having a store website with professional web design.

The need to have an online store in business

There are many benefits to designing an online store. It will meet all your needs to showcase your products and services. An online store web design is a channel for online sales of products and services that are fully compatible with today’s busy people’s lifestyles. Just put your goods and products along with pictures and related descriptions on the site and update their prices.

It does not matter what products you sell in the online store, from digital and electronic goods to cosmetics, clothing, bags, and shoes to even virtual products such as images, books, and articles or services such as typing and translation products in general. Or whatever your service is, you can sell it through an online store web design.
Your customers can see your product by looking at their needs and then buy their product. As a result, web design can help businesses increase sales so much.

The importance of online store web design

Every business in the field of selling different goods can reach a higher level of income by spending a reasonable cost and designing a store site in addition to promoting their business. Due to travel costs and a lot of time spent in face-to-face shopping, people prefer to go to store websites. After searching and reviewing the products they want, they buy goods online. Online store web design is essential here too.
If you are a business owner, you can use it and expose your services and products to users through the design of an online store.

Online stores division according to product type:


Tangible shop

In these types of stores, physical or tangible products such as mobile phones and laptops, clothing, bags and shoes, health and beauty products, food, toys, kitchen appliances, etc. are sold. The procedure of these stores is for users to order the goods and buy them after viewing and checking the products and making sure of them. Then the goods are sent to the buyer.

Digital shop

In these types of stores, they sell only digital goods such as virtual products or downloadable products such as photos and images, videos, software, and PDF files. The procedure of these stores is as follows: the user adds his desired products and services to the shopping cart, after paying the fee, he can prepare and download his files. So you can sell your digital goods by designing a store site.

Benefits of an online store web design for customers:

  • Saving time
  • Compare prices
  • 24-hour access
  • Easy product search
  • Internet payment
  • Solve the shipping problem
  • Reduce additional costs and increase profitability

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7 Graphic inspirational tips in web design

7 Graphic inspirational tips in web design

Seven Graphic inspirational tips in web design

If you want to add modern and contemporary styles to your graphic design, apply the following methods in your site design. In the following, we will introduce these methods in website design.

What are inspirational tips in web design?

1-Responsive logo

One of the inspirational tips in web design is the Responsive Logo. Logo design in today’s tech world needs to be done more professionally than ever before. Today, logo designers have to adapt to different smart devices so that their logo design can be displayed flexibly on screens with different sizes and resolutions.

In designing a responsive site, the logo design must also be responsive. Unlike the classic sophisticated and detailed logo design, today, the best logo design is simple and flexible. It optimizes the logo design for various devices such as phones, tablets, and even a giant advertising billboard.

2-Gradient background

The other inspirational tip in web design is the role of gradients in site design. The gradients in site design in 2020 have become more prominent. We have seen these backgrounds in abundance in Instagram filters. The main feature of these backgrounds is having two or three colors and being fresh and modern.

3-More shadow and opacity (with semi-flat design)

Shadows like gradients in 2020 are used in the site’s graphic design, including icons and images, websites, application interfaces, and even print designs. It seems that in 2020 we will see the revival of shadows, which means the improvement of Flat design.
A shadow printing process in which a shadow is printed on contrasting colors to create a two-color image is a technique that has found a new approach to digital media.

4-Pallets and patterns inspired by the 80s and 90s

In this style, layers with different colors, textures, and depths are combined to provide a beautiful and eye-catching combination for your main design background. Using a suitable color palette in graphic design plays an essential role.


Inspirational tips in web design

5-Animations and gifs

Animation can provide ideas and points of view for more fundamental understanding. In a world where people have limited time, animation can convey complex ideas in a short amount of time with more appeal. In 2020, we will see more effects of animation and gif images on websites. The interactivity of the animations encourages the user to stay on the site. The use of moving logos and logos in the design of the site allows companies to be seen more.

6-Bold and prominent typography

Typography, as a graphic element in website design and the collection of minimalist styles of 2020, is included. More and more businesses are using bold typography to enhance their homepage visually. This style works best when most of the page elements are minimal and straightforward.

7-Use real photos

Using real images creates a real feeling. Using photos in website design is one of the essential principles that should be considered by graphic designers. Studies on the use of images in site design have shown that users pay attention to real photos and pictures related to the content of the site, but advertising images that are used as images in web design will be ignored.

8-Very accurate vintage

Vintage is nothing new; the VINTAGE design is an infinite source of inspiration and is a way to stay in 2020. Although it may break the central tendency for minimalism, brands that seek to achieve a distinctive look and feel often find the aesthetics of classic design and can provide distinction and sophistication. While this may not work for everyone, brands in the food and beverage industry use it.

How to start a web design (5 simple steps for beginners)

How to start a web design (5 simple steps for beginners)

How to start a web design?

To enter the world of Internet businesses, you must get help from a reputable web design company. With their advice, choose the right path to start a startup. If you are familiar with web design and want to start this yourself, pay attention to the following steps to start web design.

  • Select a domain name (website URL) and Buy hosts and domains from a reputable company
  • Website or online store design
  • Website optimization
  • Make money from the website

Step 1 to start a web design | Select and purchase hosts and domains 

Buying a host and registering an internet domain can be considered one of the most important things that you must be very serious and sensitive in choosing. Choosing a suitable hosting and the domain name of the company that provides the services you need depends on your audience’s country of residence. For example, if your audience is mostly in Canada, it is recommended to use Canadian hosting to have a high speed for sharing site content. If your audience lives in another country, you need to use international hosting. Because the choice of hosts is directly related to the speed of loading site information for your audience. So doing and selecting the desired host and web design. It is time for your site to be uploaded inside a suitable host and connected to the domain.

Step 2 to start a web design | Website or online store design

Web design includes steps that must you should consider too much. The first thing in designing a site and have a professional web design is having a goal and being aware of having a website. Then you have to choose a logo as well as a template with a suitable style for your website. So that it is attractive and pleasant for the visitor to the site. It would help if you examined your audience correctly. In this way, you can get the necessary knowledge of the audience. After completing these steps, you need to provide it to the web design company to implement, complete, and design the site.

start a webdesign

Step 3 to start a web design | Website optimization

The value of the site optimization or SEO phase is much higher than the previous steps. Because you want to have an active and popular site, which, of course, determines your website’s purpose. In e-commerce today, visitors play a significant role in monetization and efficiency. Website optimization is a scientific matter and requires the use of experts in this work so that these experts increase the site’s ranking in the search engine and make your website visible to Internet users.

Step 1 to start a web design | Make money from the website

All of the above steps are an introduction to the monetization stage. Although the optimization phase is one of the revenue generation stages, it is to complete it so that you have a correct and complete knowledge of internet business science. Common ways in internet business include using SMS advertising, using beautiful and attractive templates, marketing on the Internet, engaging content for the audience, and things like that.


Web design components? | What are the web design components?

Web design components? | What are the web design components?

If you do an analysis of different designs and put together and compare the elements used in each, you will get results that can be very effective and useful in the design process of you and your site. These results can be summarized as follows:

What are web design components?

Accepting differences: We should always consider that each taste and thought can provide a unique design. We shouldn’t expect all models to have the same structure. There are indeed general principles for design, but it does not mean that every design process is for every designer. These are the differences that can give beauty to different websites and differentiate them from each other. Your site collection should have quality.
Unique elements: Try to be creative in design. It is creativity that makes a difference. Create your components. In the principles and framework of the model, there will be thousands of ways to create your buttons, headers, and icons as web design components.

Interest in design: This is very important for you to open a site that you are delighted with and feel that it is best. Do not rush to the size of your website. Use your time and present your design as you are happy.

Web design uses many visual elements as design types, such as:

web design components

Web design components | Layout:

One of the web design components is web design layout. in this method, you arrange the graphics, ads, and text. In the web world, a key goal is to help find the information they are looking for, which includes maintaining balance, stability, and web design integrity.

Web design components | Color:

The other web design component is web design layout. The choice of color depends on the purpose and the customer; It can be a simple black and white or multi-color design that conveys the personality or brand of an organization using the right colors for the web design.

Web design components | Graphics:

Graphics can include logos, photos, video clips, or icons, all of which improve web design. If the site wants to be user-friendly, these must be in the right place and work with the color and content of the web page, as long as they do not overload the site.

Web design components | Fonts:

Using different fonts can improve website design. Most web browsers can only read fonts known as the secure web. So your designer generally works in this acceptable group. This is one of the most important web design components.

Web design components |  Content:

The content and design sections can work together to convey the site’s message through more images and text. The written text should always be relevant and useful not to confuse the reader and put the scientific feed on the site according to their wishes. Content should be optimized for search engines and should be of a perfect size and include relevant keywords.


All these web design components are essential for every website. You can make a checklist of these web design components to ensure your website is perfect enough. For any consultant, you can call us.

How to start a web design (5 simple steps for beginners)

11 web design tricks to have an attractive site

Eleven practical and straightforward tricks to design an attractive and lucrative site!

Having the best web design does not seem like an easy task, when it comes to making money, it seems even harder! Yes, your website and its web design should be not only attractive but also lucrative! Let’s review web design tricks in this article.

One of the most common mistakes in web design is paying too much attention to the site’s appearance and graphics (web design). So that sometimes the main factor of site success, i.e., increasing the conversion rates of the user to the customer (conversion rates), is forgotten. These mistakes make users bored with your site!

You can quickly increase your site traffic and increase your sales. Applying these tricks and solutions is not the overnight formula for the success of your site. But by doing them regularly, you can improve the performance of your website many times over.

1) Generate content for your real audience.

One of the Web design tricks is to try to identify your audience and their behaviors first and then start producing content. For example, you need to know what their main concerns are. What is the primary purpose of their visit to your site? What are the problems with ordering them? And what makes them happy? With these tips in mind, you can offer them exactly what they expect, and it is a great way to turn site visitors into customers.

2) Categorize your text.

The other Web design tricks are by adequately categorizing the text. You can easily make it easier for the audience to read a book, and it does not mean that your paragraphs should be shorter. Instead, it would help if you turned more extensive texts into smaller ones so that we fully categorized them in the user’s mind, and then all the content is presented continuously. The use of headlines, two- or three-line paragraphs, the use of bolder frames or bold text, the use of bulletins, and numbering are some of the methods that make the content quickly go through the reader’s mind first and make him continue reading.

3) Do not crowd your site! (Use white space)

Proper use of white space on the site will help a lot to make your content better seen. For example, look at the first page of Google. Most of the page space is white so that its original content can be clearly seen on the page. To achieve its goals, Google wants the user to be completely focused on their search, and there should be no margins around the page. Keep in mind that the amount of space depends entirely on your purpose on different pages of the site.

4) Do not misspell

No doubt having a misspelling in the text is a significant and useful mistake that reduces your website’s credibility. If you have the expertise to edit an article, you can use free software such as “Editor” to ultimately control the content.

5) Always answer visitors’ questions

Visitors are the biggest asset of your site. So it would help if you never were indifferent to answering their questions. Some of these questions can be answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, explained in the site comments, or asked and answered online.

6) Optimize search results on the web design.

One thing that is especially important in large sites or online stores is searching the site. Search results should be based on the audience’s priorities and real needs.


web design

7) Change the color of pages that users have been to before.

Visitors want to know which pages they have been to before and which pages are new to them. Changing the color of previously clicked links indicates that optimizing visitor time is essential to you.

8) The central logo is clickable in a good web design

An elementary but essential point is that users are directed to the “Home” page by clicking on the logo. In general, if users can not enter the “Home” page with a specific and straightforward click, they will be confused and leave your website. Why is this so important? Because the home page is the first place that users get lost on the site or can not find the page they want, they want to return to it.

9) Adjust the size of the photos in your web design

Another point that effectively creates users’ interest in your content is the quality and how the images are placed in the text. All text photos must have the same dimensions or at least the same length. Be careful not to over-stretch or compress the image to reduce the image quality. When it comes to large images, keep in mind that they must be large enough to slow down your web design.

10) Make sure the site photos are responsive.

We have already talked about the importance of a responsive site. Lack of responsiveness to text photos can cause your audience to get bored and leave your site quickly.

11) Privacy

Many of your audience may not even know what privacy means, but does that mean you don’t care about user privacy? Statistics show that 20% of users always read the description of privacy, even if they do not know what it means. Posting customer privacy statements assures them that you are retaining their business information, which will increase customer trust.
The most important and main point for any site’s success is to know your audience and focus on their wants and needs. These tricks will ultimately help you to make your website more useful, not just more attractive!

You can contact the Blueweb online solutions team for any advice, web design services, and digital marketing services.