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Basic features:
Number of Pages5up to 15Up to 40
Fully responsive
Image Auto-optimization
Security Plugin
Speed/Performance optimization
Blog ready
Simple slider
Database auto-backup
Simple contact forms
Social Media Icons
CSS3, HTML5, Compatible with
all major browsers
Professional Builder
Rounds of revisions123
Free Maintenance/Minor changes (Months)123
Basics of SEO:
Basic internal SEOx
Add Robot filex
404 redirectx
XML sitemapx
Advanced Features:
Number of Professional formsx13
Anti-Spam Settingsx
Free Shop includedx
Number of shop products (for free)x1020
PayPal gateway included (for free)x
Mega Menu includedxx
Number of special Landing pages012
Social Media Sharting toolsx
Online Marketing features:
Email marketing integrationxx
Setup email accounts on host139
Google Analytics settingsxx
Google adwords basic settingsxx
Free additional languagesxx1
English educational videosx
Total Price of Website Package
Name Search & Domain Registration
Minor changes (hour)
Professional Forms (hour)
Online Calculations (hour)
Professional Sliders (hour)
More pages (Each page)
Add Simple Online appointments
Email marketing Integration (once)
Social Media connections (once/each platform)
Basic Memberships (once)
Advanced Memberships (hour)
Add forums (hour)
Content copywriting (each article up to 1000 words)
Graphic works (hour)
Google Analytics Basic settings
SSL Activation (SSL license not included)
Add Payment Gateway (per gateway)
Existing Website Improvement – Reactivation of Dormant Website – Technical Surveillance (Basic internal SEO – Robot Files – 404 redirects – XML sitemap – Speed check – Full responsiveness over mobile & tablet – Database auto backup – Anti spam setting) /per hour
Consultation for
domain/hosting registration (hour)
Add more languages20% of site price20% of site price20% of site price
Note: Some websites might need advanced themes (average of CAD 100 dollars) and premium plugins.
They will be added to the final quotation. These are options to be selected by the customers.
Marketing Packages:
Logo design – 5 choices
Logo design – 15 choices
Logo design – 1-3 choices
Logo design – 6 to 10 choices
Logo design – 50+ choices
Email Marketing (E-blast) per campaign
Email Marketing (E-blast) per campaign
SEO ( Monthly, up to 20 Keywords)
SEO ( Monthly, 21 to 40 Keywords)
SEO ( Monthly, 41 to 100 Keywords)
SEO (Monthly, 101 to 200 Keywords)
SMO (Monthly per platform)
Posts (up to 1000 Words)
Social Media Business Page setup (Per platform)
Social Media ad account setup (Per platform- One time fee)
Social Media Monthly Ad management (Per Ad)
Ad budget is separate, to be paid per click to the chosen media
Google Adwords setting (one time fee)
Google PPC monthly Ad management (per Ad)
Ad budget is separate, to be paid per click to Google
Google My Business setup (one time fee)
Google My Business monthly management
2 Posts – 2 Images
QR code generation
Personalized email

Want to unveil prices? We will be delighted to send our complete service prices to your email address.