Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

The overall concept of email marketing is simple. You choose a series of potential customers and current customers. You will then send email to these people through a digital campaign and campaign that has a strong strategy. If your strategy and campaign works, you can turn the potential into sales as well as loyal buyers who bought from you only once.

Three general reasons we use email marketing

  1. Email is the best way to communicate. According to Statista, about 90% of US employees check their emails during the day and during business hours. This makes email marketing an up-to-date way of communicating with customers.
  2. You have your list. If your company is active on a social network, you may have a specific list of fans. But this list may be lost or not performing well. In the field of promotional email, you have a comprehensive list of prospects and clues that you can keep forever.
  3. Email performance is better. Products featured in emails are more likely to sell. It is said that, email marketing has a 3800% ROI. It is one-third for of this number for social media. All of these figures show you that email is the bestselling option.

Facts to remember

  1. Email marketing is a simple advertising method that can generate good returns for your company.
  2. There are currently over 3.8 billion email users worldwide. It is projected that this number will reach 4.1 billion or more by 2021.
  3. US companies are expected to spend $350 billion on email marketing in 2019.

Amazing Statistics: Email vs Social Media

  • A report found that 72% of people would prefer to see promotional products via email, and only 17% would prefer to advertise on social media.
  • If you put the social sharing button on the email, the click conversion rate will increase by 158%.
  • Your email subscribers share your content 3 times more than your other subscribers.
  • Email using for attracting customers is 40% more efficient than Facebook and Twitter.
  • An email is 6 times more likely to attract clicks than Twitter.
  • On average, emails will be 3 times more likely to produce products orders for you than social media.
  • 90% of people prefer to receive news and updates from a company via email, and only 10% want to receive it via Facebook.
  • About 53% of all emails are read on cell phones. 23% of these people will see their email again.
  • Gmail has 900 million users and 75% of these users have access to email through their mobile app and mobile browser.
  • Every year email access to the cell phones is increasing. From year 2011 to 2013, that figure was up by 30%.
  • If an email is personalized and user-targeted, clicks will be 14% higher and lead to customer conversion rate will increase by 10%. Emails with personalized subject will also be 26% more likely to open.