Fortunately, Google algorithm updates are for better and more accurate display of results on the first pages. So do not worry. If you apply the necessary quality in your work and have tools to evaluate your website, you can regain your previous ranking and maybe get a better ranking with these free SEO tools.

What are Free SEO tools?

There are several tools for this. Some are free, and some are paid to help you optimize your website for better visibility on Google and other search engines.

These SEO tools are introduced below, and you can use them depending on your needs and your SEO Marketing. First, we introduce a list of these SEO tools.

Google’s Webmaster Tools
HubSpot’s Website Grader
Check My Links
Moz’s Pro Tools
UpCity SEO Report Card
Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Found’s SEO Audit Tool
Remove ’em
Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool

But what exactly do these SEO tools do, and what do they do? In the following, we will introduce two of these tools.

Free SEO Tool 1- Hubspot’s Website Grader

Cost: Free
Objective: Website analysis

In 2007, Hubspot introduced a free SEO tool called Website Grader that allowed businesses to optimize their website in different search engines, and then a new, improved version was introduced.

Website Grader analyzes the website from 4 primary aspects:

  • Performance: This free SEO tool analyzes your website in terms of size, number of requests, speed, and other SEO metrics.
  • Mobile support: Responsiveness of the site and the possibility of supporting the mobile version and site optimization settings for mobile are other features of this tool.
  • SEO: This free SEO tool analyzes the site in terms of search engine visibility for both index bots and humans, and thoroughly examines factors such as titles and meta descriptions.
  • Security: SSL certificate security analysis and user and site security is another feature of this tool.

With the Hubspot blogging app, you can optimize your SEO content even while writing.

Free SEO Tool 2- Check My Links

Cost: Free
Objective: Optimize links

You can use Check My Links to ensure your website’s performance in terms of internal and external links.

Checking for broken links by these free SEO tools can ensure that your website is working correctly. Consider a site like Wikipedia, for example, with about 711 links for the term “marketing”. Check My Links scans all of these links quickly and identifies any relationships that need to be reviewed. Strong Backlinks are shown in green and broken links in red.


Free SEO tools are numerous, and their number is increasing day by day. If you own a website or you work in the field of SEO, you should extract the tools you need according to your needs and use them. Other tools will be discussed in detail in future posts.