Social Media Marketing and their importance |

Social Media Marketing and their importance |

Social networks are the new children of the digital world, which in a very short period of time has taken over the attraction of the world. Being the most popular of all digital arenas, Social media are the effective way of reaching out to the target audience. This space is very effective. It is no exaggeration to say that some people have identified the Internet with social networks and messengers. Social networking and messaging have a special place among different people as they are easily accessible by cell phones, interfering with people’s lifestyles and the way they interact and bring people together. They have become part of their lives and their families.

Developments and innovations of companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google in the field of social media, with the use of various forms of content (video, graphic, photo, text, stickers and emoji) have made social networking great potential for businesses. ¬†Another important point in social networks is that they are not a “duplicate” of each other, as each of these networks has their own nature, theme, and application, and each has a specific role and unique persona of their own.

Linkedin, for example, is a social network for business, and administrative communications and has the same tone and application; Twitter is a place for specific social and political action and a place for expressing political and social points of view. YouTube is a video-centric social network and it has no place other than video. Instagram is a place for mixing and completing photos and captions and is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Finally, messengers while not categorized as social media in function, but have become a place for businesses to communicate with their audience.

So every business should use different social networks according to their needs and according to capabilities of the media. Social networking strategies and marketing campaigns are a delicate and sensitive challenge and play a major role for many businesses.

A successful social networking does not necessarily depend only on the budget you have, but having a good analysis of your business conditions, customer persona, and the type of social networking and communications.

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What is Email Marketing and Its importance |

What is Email Marketing and Its importance |

The overall concept of email marketing is simple. You choose a series of potential customers and current customers. You will then send email to these people through a digital campaign and campaign that has a strong strategy. If your strategy and campaign works, you can turn the potential into sales as well as loyal buyers who bought from you only once.

Email marketing is important for three general reasons:

  • Email is the best way to communicate. According to Statista, about 90 percent of US employees check their emails during the day and during business hours. This makes email marketing an up-to-date way of communicating with customers.
  • You have your list. If your company is active on a social network, you may have a specific list of fans. But this list may be lost or not performing well. In the field of promotional email you have a comprehensive list of prospects and clues that you can keep forever.
  • Email performance is better. Products featured in emails are more likely to sell. It is said that, email marketing has a 3800% ROI. It is one-third for of this number for social media. All of these figures show you that email is the best selling option.

So if you are going to opt for a new approach in marketing and advertising, it is best to remember this information. Email marketing is a simple advertising method that can generate good returns for your company.

There are currently over 3.8 billion email users worldwide. It is projected that this number will reach 4.1 billion or more by 2021. This has made a lot of people think about spending money in this field. US companies are expected to spend $ 350 billion on email marketing in 2019.

But there are other figures. In contrast to social networks, it’s best to take a look at the following statistics:

  • A report found that 72 percent of people would prefer to see promotional products via email, and only 17 percent would prefer to advertise on social media.
  • If you put the social sharing button on the email, the click conversion rate will increase by 158%.
  • Your email subscribers share your content 3 times more than your other subscribers.
  • Email using for attracting customers is 40% more efficient than Facebook and Twitter.
  • An email is 6 times more likely to attract clicks than Twitter.
  • On average, emails will be 3 times more likely to produce products orders for you than social media.
  • 90% of people prefer to receive news and updates from a company via email, and only 10% want to receive it via Facebook.

Well these statistics were more in contrast to social media. It is better to take a look at other statistics to gain a broader understanding. This understanding will help improve emails

  • About 53 percent of all emails are read on cell phones. 23% of these people will see their email again.
  • Gmail has 900 million users and 75% of these users have access to email through their mobile app and mobile browser.
  • Every year email access to the cell phones is increasing. From year 2011 to 2013, that figure was up by 30 percent.
  • If an email is personalized and user-targeted, clicks will be 14 percent higher and lead to customer conversion rate will increase by 10 percent. Emails with personalized subject will also be 26% more likely to open.

With such statistics, you have a general understanding of the importance and form of email marketing.

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What is Online Marketing and what are the benefits |

What is Online Marketing and what are the benefits |

Online marketing or internet marketing is a way in which web-based channels are used to spread the message about a company’s brand, products or services to potential customers. The methods and techniques used in online marketing include email, social networking, display advertising, search engine optimization or SEO, Google Ads and more. The purpose of this marketing approach is to reach potential customers through channels where customers spend their time reading, searching, shopping and socializing online.

The widespread use of the Internet for business and revenue making, or for personal use, has created new ways of advertising and engaging in marketing, including the above (search, shopping and …). There are also many advantages and challenges to online marketing. Professionals in the field use digital media to attract, interact and convert virtual visitors into customers.

Online marketing is different from traditional marketing. In the past, marketing has traditionally involved the use of media such as print advertising, billboards, television, and radio.

Before the advent of online marketing, the cost of goods or services available in the market was often expensive and difficult to evaluate in traditional ways. For example, to determine the level of awareness of a brand, national TV advertising campaigns were used to measure awareness, but nowadays anyone who owns an online or even offline business can build a website and Creating customer engagement campaigns, at little or no cost, can somehow play a role in online marketing. These marketing products and services can also be improved by optimizing techniques and fixing any bugs and shortcomings.

The main advantage of using online channels (Facebook, website, Instagram, etc.) to market a business or sell a product is that it is possible to measure the impact of each channel and the amount of interaction or conversion rate of visitors. For example, you can determine how many visitors to your site’s landing page have clicked on the shopping option. This will allow you to get to know your customers better and improve your customer relationship channel. Among the visitors who become customers, more analysis can be done to determine which channels are most effective in reaching customers.

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What is Digital Marketing and its tools |

What is Digital Marketing and its tools |

In this modern marketing approach, the focus is on the Internet-center digital capabilities. This approach insists on introducing products and driving sales through the digital space. By adapting to the principles of marketing and applying different approaches, Digital Marketing has made it possible for customers to live on the web and the Internet, bringing business to the Internet at a rapid pace.

Digital marketing is an “online toolkit” through which its tools can be applied to digital and internet marketing. Tools such as Google Analytics, AdWords, digital banner and click advertising, app marketing, game marketing, video marketing, email marketing and social marketing, motion graphics, SEO, and more are just a handful of these.

In fact, digital marketing is the introduction and promotion of products and brands through one or more electronic media. One of the most important features of digital marketing is the ability to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns, while being cheap. Digital marketing is also compatible with all types of business scales from a young name-seeker with a small capital to a multi-billion dollar business like Apple, they can all take advantage of digital marketing capabilities.

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