What is local SEO? | Local SEO methods and techniques you should know

What is local SEO? | Local SEO methods and techniques you should know

What is local SEO? Local SEO methods and techniques

Local SEO increases the sales of businesses locally. Local SEO Techniques and Methods In this SEO training article.

Local SEO

Every business that uses the Internet and the site must have a plan for its success. One of the first things to do in this planning is to get to know the customer. Of course, most businesses are not able to cover the entire statistical community of a country well. They, therefore, try to start their business more potent by relying on techniques such as local SEO and local advertising or advertising in the statistical community. In this article, we are going to talk about local SEO and its methods.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is used today as an effective and efficient way to grow businesses that operate locally or target a specific statistical community. In fact, by using local SEO techniques, you can promote your business products and services locally, or in the mathematical community, you are considering. In other words, continue your business in a more targeted way.

It should be noted that today most users use local searches to find the products and services they want and try to limit their search terms, so your site must be on the first page of this type of search.


Why should we have a local SEO strategy?

Between 40% and 64% of customers and users use local searches on Google and their devices to find what they need.
Local SEO can cover more and better target markets.
The user’s rate of customer conversion in local SEO; in other words, the return on investment is higher and faster.
Many of the services provided for Google Local SEO are free.
Local SEO techniques are easy and focus more on marketing.
Today, everything is done on the Internet, and few people pay attention to the list of paper ads to find services or products near their place.
Local SEO methods and techniques
Before we try to describe local SEO techniques, we must state that local SEO is no different from the site’s leading SEO. First of all, you should structure the place in terms of SEO and design on principles, and then think about optimizing your local SEO site. In fact, in this type of technique, you only follow the tips that make your website appear in search of phrases that users do locally.

1. Optimize the title and description meta tags and the density of keywords in the text

The first thing you need to do is optimize the title and description meta tags using specific keywords. Try to use keywords that users may use in the local search for your business, such as the best pastry shop in Ontario. Try to use a geographic keyword in your title and text. Also, try to keep the density of local SEO keywords in your document.

2. Google Maps and Business

Be sure to register your site address with full details in Google Maps and Business. By registering the link as a local SEO methods and techniques, your site will be helped to display your full profile along with the site address and description when users search by location.

3. Directories

Directories are another site that lists all businesses in their entirety. The only important point in this local SEO method and technique is that not every index can be useful in increasing your local SEO, and it is better to use popular directories.

4. Social networks

One of the most useful local SEO methods and techniques is Social networks. They are another platform where you can promote your products and services. For example, on most of these social networks, you can map your location and use the appropriate hashtags to help users find you better based on the local search. They can also express their opinions about your services and products, which can also improve your site’s local SEO. The most important social network that you should work on to improve local SEO is Google Plus.

SEO Checklist | A Good Assistance for website owners

SEO Checklist | A Good Assistance for website owners

Seo Checklist

With the proliferation of businesses moving from physical to virtual, SEO, and search engine marketing topics have been doubly welcomed, so this article is presented.

On-page Seo Checklist

  • Choosing the right and strong keywords as your roadmap are efficient.
  • Pay attention to the integrity of the content, structure, and especially the page address’s standards.
  • Use the latest technology to design your site and make the most of analytics sites like Gtmetrix.
  • Choose the right and quality host.
  • Consider SEO algorithms and do not be bumpy in optimizing.
  • Follow the standards of the robot file and site map.
  • Help index the pages of the site and show the user the path of menu categories and sub-categories.
  • Internal linking helps a lot to direct users to be useful and relevant pages.
  • Structured Data, Rich Snippet, EMP, Canonical, and HTML tags are the minimum optimizations for your site.
  • Consider photo standards in name and size.
  • Minimize site errors.
  • The most important thing about optimizing your site is nothing but useful content in a proper format.

Off-page Seo Checklist

  • Spread the brand and content on social media
  • Publish relevant and attractive news to increase visitors to related sites and blogs and forums
  • Publish ad reporting on appropriate sites
  • You should know that mobile software and site are compatible with all types of mobile phones and tablets.


Last point of SEO checklist

SEO and website optimization have no end, and you have to use the best paths and facilities frequently.

Do not forget that SEO is changing the direction of following a few routine techniques to provide the best content. Also, in conceptual and semantic SEO, by creating traffic on the site and providing appropriate and attractive content, you can prove your site content’s acceptability to search engines.

According to surveys conducted and the introduction of SEO checklists in 2020, user satisfaction with content and articles with more than 1000 words and images and videos will make your items more successful and the phrase site optimization for search engines to site optimization Changed for the user experience.


Seven tips to creatively improve web design

Seven tips to creatively improve web design

Creativity is the secret of being unique among all the competitors. It brings a core competency for us.

Remember the following points. These will help you have a more creative design and read about tips to creatively improve web design.

1- Get inspired for designing web design creatively from outside the internet

Designers do not spend much time finding good examples online. There are many sources of inspiration for creative people and may include other published works, such as building web design and even landscaping to creatively improve web design.

2- Learn about colors

Sometimes learning more about complementary colors helps a lot, and it is an excellent place to start with a link made by a painting company. Again, many different concepts, like home design, can help improve your web design.

3- Learn more about fonts to creatively improve web design

The size and shape of the posts on a page can increase the readability of a site. It also changes the impact the site has on visitors. Website designers need to know what fonts look professional and match the content and theme of their site to creatively improve web design.

4- Do not forget to use backgrounds

Years ago, designers were advised not to use experiences because of the use of bandwidth. However, today it is possible to optimize these images for faster loading. Most users also have access to high-speed internet. Backgrounds may be more severe for the mobile version of the website.

5. Learn Photoshop to creatively improve web design

Designers who are proficient in tools like Photoshop can create anything they or their clients can imagine. Many online resources can help designers to improve their skills in various fields and devices.

6. Start with a drawing

Many designers started with web design software or even coding it in HTML from the beginning. Still, the best way for creative people is to first implement their design or idea on a piece of paper and then move on to the next steps, and it will increase the creativity of the designers and better organize the plans.

7- Surf the web

There are many examples of functional and poorly designed websites that we can quickly found on the internet. Look for award-winning websites and use those designs to increase your skills and creativity. Look for poorly designed websites as well to know what to avoid. Sometimes looking at bad sites can help as much as reviewing useful websites.

Use the available tools for web design

There are thousands of different tools with attractive features that you can use in any part of your website. These tools are so diverse and abundant that even searching for them can create new ideas for you. So do not forget to use the best of these tools as much as possible.


What are Free SEO Tools?

What are Free SEO Tools?

Fortunately, Google algorithm updates are for better and more accurate display of results on the first pages. So do not worry. If you apply the necessary quality in your work and have tools to evaluate your website, you can regain your previous ranking and maybe get a better ranking with these free SEO tools.

What are Free SEO tools?

There are several tools for this. Some are free, and some are paid to help you optimize your website for better visibility on Google and other search engines.

These SEO tools are introduced below, and you can use them depending on your needs and your SEO Marketing. First, we introduce a list of these SEO tools.

Google’s Webmaster Tools
HubSpot’s Website Grader
Check My Links
Moz’s Pro Tools
UpCity SEO Report Card
Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Found’s SEO Audit Tool
Remove ’em
Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool

But what exactly do these SEO tools do, and what do they do? In the following, we will introduce two of these tools.

Free SEO Tool 1- Hubspot’s Website Grader

Cost: Free
Objective: Website analysis

In 2007, Hubspot introduced a free SEO tool called Website Grader that allowed businesses to optimize their website in different search engines, and then a new, improved version was introduced.

Website Grader analyzes the website from 4 primary aspects:

  • Performance: This free SEO tool analyzes your website in terms of size, number of requests, speed, and other SEO metrics.
  • Mobile support: Responsiveness of the site and the possibility of supporting the mobile version and site optimization settings for mobile are other features of this tool.
  • SEO: This free SEO tool analyzes the site in terms of search engine visibility for both index bots and humans, and thoroughly examines factors such as titles and meta descriptions.
  • Security: SSL certificate security analysis and user and site security is another feature of this tool.

With the Hubspot blogging app, you can optimize your SEO content even while writing.

Free SEO Tool 2- Check My Links

Cost: Free
Objective: Optimize links

You can use Check My Links to ensure your website’s performance in terms of internal and external links.

Checking for broken links by these free SEO tools can ensure that your website is working correctly. Consider a site like Wikipedia, for example, with about 711 links for the term “marketing”. Check My Links scans all of these links quickly and identifies any relationships that need to be reviewed. Strong Backlinks are shown in green and broken links in red.


Free SEO tools are numerous, and their number is increasing day by day. If you own a website or you work in the field of SEO, you should extract the tools you need according to your needs and use them. Other tools will be discussed in detail in future posts.

Why does a professional online store web design help your business and financial growth?

Why does a professional online store web design help your business and financial growth?

Until a few years ago, most people did not understand how much a site could affect their business, but today, thanks to smartphones and the spread of the Internet, it has become clear to most people. Having a website is essential in starting a business besides other business start-up concerns. Creating a site increases the credibility of your company. It will also increase your online presence and will make the audience towards your business grow. Here we will talk in full about the advantages of this platform and the factors affecting having a successful site especially the online store web design.

How and why does an online store web design help your business and financial growth?

The website is a shop sign or shop window. Your business is exposed to the public by your customers through the website. But the essential point is that your other customers will not be from a neighborhood or even a city, but everyone who uses the Internet can be your business customers.
In this article, we will examine the necessity of having a store website with professional web design.

The need to have an online store in business

There are many benefits to designing an online store. It will meet all your needs to showcase your products and services. An online store web design is a channel for online sales of products and services that are fully compatible with today’s busy people’s lifestyles. Just put your goods and products along with pictures and related descriptions on the site and update their prices.

It does not matter what products you sell in the online store, from digital and electronic goods to cosmetics, clothing, bags, and shoes to even virtual products such as images, books, and articles or services such as typing and translation products in general. Or whatever your service is, you can sell it through an online store web design.
Your customers can see your product by looking at their needs and then buy their product. As a result, web design can help businesses increase sales so much.

The importance of online store web design

Every business in the field of selling different goods can reach a higher level of income by spending a reasonable cost and designing a store site in addition to promoting their business. Due to travel costs and a lot of time spent in face-to-face shopping, people prefer to go to store websites. After searching and reviewing the products they want, they buy goods online. Online store web design is essential here too.
If you are a business owner, you can use it and expose your services and products to users through the design of an online store.

Online stores division according to product type:


Tangible shop

In these types of stores, physical or tangible products such as mobile phones and laptops, clothing, bags and shoes, health and beauty products, food, toys, kitchen appliances, etc. are sold. The procedure of these stores is for users to order the goods and buy them after viewing and checking the products and making sure of them. Then the goods are sent to the buyer.

Digital shop

In these types of stores, they sell only digital goods such as virtual products or downloadable products such as photos and images, videos, software, and PDF files. The procedure of these stores is as follows: the user adds his desired products and services to the shopping cart, after paying the fee, he can prepare and download his files. So you can sell your digital goods by designing a store site.

Benefits of an online store web design for customers:

  • Saving time
  • Compare prices
  • 24-hour access
  • Easy product search
  • Internet payment
  • Solve the shipping problem
  • Reduce additional costs and increase profitability

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