SEO for wordpress | 7 Easy SEO Secrets in WordPress

SEO for wordpress | 7 Easy SEO Secrets in WordPress

7 SEO Secrets in WordPress

In this article, we have written seven SEO secrets in WordPress.

1-With www or without www:

In the WordPress settings, there is a public section of the site address box where you can specify whether your website will open with www or without www, but why do this? Despite the development of artificial intelligence of Google algorithms, address recognition with www and without www is not yet known to a website for algorithms. They are known as two separate domains and URLs.

To avoid duplicate content, you must choose one of these two modes, and one Redirected them to another. We have two types of redirects: 301 and 302. In redirect 301, the server’s response is the permanent transfer of the website to another address. In redirect 302, the reaction of the server is the temporary transfer of the server. So let see the other SEO secrets in WordPress.

2-Remove additional plugins:

Existence of unnecessary and unused plugins, apart from using WordPress hosting resources, will slow down the website to some extent. Remove extra and unnecessary plugins. It is one of the SEO secrets for WordPress, which is simple, but many don’t do it.

3-Image optimization and SEO:

An SEO image must have the ALT property; the file name (Image name) must be appropriate,. The image size must be specified in the IMG tag, and its size must be reduced as much as possible.

Use the EWWW plugin to reduce the size of your images, the Seo friendly image plugin to add the ALT property, and the google image site map plugin to create a sitemap for images. Before Uploading any image on your site, compress it. The image compressor is a good website for this issue.

404 code-seo secrets for wordpress

4-Identify and delete 404 or broken links:

When the server returns the 404 code in response to the browser request, it means that the file in question is deleted and not available on the server. It is very upsetting for Google and maybe one of the reasons for the site penalty. Use the broken link checker plugin to identify them. This plugin automatically detects broken links and targets unlinked ones.

5-Internal links:

One of the most critical secrets for WordPress is the use of internal link building techniques, linking them in the content of related content, and using keywords in their inline text. Some plugins automatically link some keywords to the specified page; the use of these plugins is not recommended; it is better to connect the relevant content yourself.

6-Cache activation:

Use the cache to save your website template to the user’s system and load it faster on subsequent visits. Use W3C Total Cache or Wp Super Cache plugins to enable cache.

7-Database optimization:

The last option of secrets for WordPress is Database optimization. When you hear about database optimization, you may think of normalizing them. WordPress banks have been normalized as much as possible, and you need to remove some extra information that is not required from the bank to use the WP-Optimize plugin.

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Web design importance | 4 Top Reasons Why Web Design Matters So Much?

Web design importance | 4 Top Reasons Why Web Design Matters So Much?

Why web design importance matters so much?

Web design includes many skills that together designs and maintains a website. Web design consists of graphic web design; interface design; authoring, standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization (SEO).

Now, the question is, why is your website’s design so important? Why do businesses spend this much to keep their website fresh and updated? why web design importance matter so much?

“Your website is the center of your digital eco-system; as a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.”


4 Reasons web design is essential

why good web design is essential

Your website is the first impression of your business.

“A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter. ”  Lois McMaster Bujold

When users enter your website, they will get their first impression of your business from how your web page looks. Your website is the face of your brand, no visual contrast, annoying pop-ups, and plain-looking design can tell a lot about your brand, so it is wise to put some effort and time into your website and let it stand out.

Helps search engines find you (SEO).

The structure of your website’s code can help search engines (i.g. Google) find you when a user searches a world related to your line of work. Many successful businesses spend endless amounts of money each month to stay on the top of the search engine list (To have an “optimized search engine”). If your web design does not get updated frequently and does not meet the SEO requirement, you could lose some traffic.

It makes your website easy to browse.

By utilizing the skill of User Experience (UX), we can easily make our webpage more browse-able. UX makes the experience of browsing in your website quick and enjoyable. The user can find what they need in a matter of seconds, and this will make them want to use your services more often, good UX combined with a gorgeous UI can make the difference between a mediocre website and Apple website.

It makes users trust your brand.

As we mentioned, web design is the face of your business, and users will judge your brand by it. Costumers will not trust a website with poor design. If your webpage is not fresh and looking updated, your user will get skeptical. Think of it this way; a person is trying to send bulk emails to some companies, he needs to trust you (Your brand) with his information and money, you need to convince your customer that your brand is worthy of your trust, and decent website design will convey this to them and this is why web design importance matters so much too.

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9 SEO Issues Every Online Business Should Know

9 SEO Issues Every Online Business Should Know

1-What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It can be defined as follows:
SEO (search engine optimization) does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines with unethical methods. They are to help improve the visibility and relevance of websites in natural search results to achieve high rankings.
SEO is a set of methods for changing websites strategically. This process expresses the most important relevant factors of the page and increases its importance in the search results page.
SEO is not a simple process that is easy to implement because it requires a lot of knowledge, experiences, and patience. Search engines are unpredictable with the constant change of their ranking algorithms. Therefore, it is the duty of SEO engineers to keep their information up to date.
Google’s ranking algorithm has more than 200 criteria for ranking a site. Therefore, SEO engineers should consider the most important of these criteria for successful SEO implementation.

history of what is seo

2-History of SEO

The first search engines have launched in the early 1990s; Some of the most popular were Infoseek, Alta Vista, and Yahoo. At that time, people looked at search engines as a list that was done in alphabetical order. There were pages like AAA at the top of this list.
As the Internet grew, newer search engines appeared that used more sophisticated ranking algorithms. These algorithms used keyword density criteria (the number of times a keyword or phrase was used on a page divided by the total number of words on the page) and keyword-like tags to understand the websites’ contents.
With the development of page rankings by search engines, SEO engineers sought to find ways to influence these engines’ ranking using both ethical and immoral methods.
An article published by the New York Times in November 1996 talked about web developers using immoral SEO methods to get to the top of search results. This article explains how web developers can quickly load a site with specific keywords that are usually hidden behind the site graphic, resulting in search engines counting those keywords and increasing the site’s ranking.
As mentioned, getting high rankings for specific keywords was much more comfortable in the early days than today. Using immoral methods at the time was guaranteed to be at the top of the search results list. Search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated today, and it isn’t elementary for optimization engineers to manipulate search engines. However, this cat-and-mouse game between SEO engineers and search engines still exists today and will continue.

3-What are the goals of SEO?

The goal of SEO is to help websites rank high in natural search results and increase the relevance between pages and keywords entered by users. Showing the most pages related to the entered search query has many benefits for both the user and the search engine. The user gets the most relevant search results, and the search engine becomes more reliable because its algorithm shows the most relevant pages.

After SEO started to improve the ranking of sites in natural search results, this process required knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the most significant initial investment to optimize a website or a page.
Depending on how we use the competing keywords in the optimization, SEO can take weeks or months to get results. Although search engine optimization results may not effect quickly, the benefits of SEO will increase the site ranking and increase the number of visitors in the long run. Websites need to be on the first page of Google search results, especially among the top three natural results, which account for 58.4% of clicks.
Not surprisingly, websites compete with the products and services they sell for rankings in search results.

It is beneficial for many sites at the top of the search results, especially those that increase the number of their customers as site traffic increases.
A study shows that searchers love to click on natural links in search results; The study found that 72.3% of Google users click on natural links in search results, and only 27.3% of users click on paid list links. It is another reason why companies are aware of the impact of SEO and are willing to spend time and money on it.

In general, SEO goals are as follows:

• It has a significant impact on website visits.
• Creates a brand.
• Will increase site traffic.
• Made the website rank better on the search engine results page.
• Increase product sales.
• The best tool for advertising.

4-What are the essential steps in SEO?

SEO and site optimization is a time consuming and continuous process. There are many techniques and methods to get a better position in Google results, each of which can positively impact this process. To succeed in SEO, we need three primary arms of each site.

What are the three primary arms for SEO success?

1- Technical SEO

Standardization of site coding, observance of SEO principles in design, standard markup, optimization of site speed, design of responsive version, and the like are called technical SEO. To start content marketing activities, we first need a reliable platform and official site.

2- Content marketing

Activities including identifying valuable keywords, analyzing competitors, formulating content strategy, producing relevant content, tagging and categorizing, internal linking, etc. can be considered part of the content marketing process. Success in SEO is almost impossible without content.

3- Targeted link building

SEO technical standards and producing valuable content can take you to the first page of Google results, but to get the 1st rank and compete with older sites, you need external linking for your website. Activities in social networks, specialized forums, comment marketing, buying backlinks, buying ad reporting, etc. called SEO Off-page.

5-What are the SEO Types?

-What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is related to the direct control of your website’s code or content, including text, images, links, etc.; In general, everything you upload to your site is related to SEO On-Page. This method is the basis of all optimization efforts because it is where you have the most control. Any changes you make to your site content will affect the search results, so the SEO On-Page method must be done correctly before the SEO Off-Page method.

-What is the off-page SEO?

Unlike the SEO On-Page method, where website development is done with high direct control, the off-page optimization method includes all the upgrades that are done outside of your website. This includes everything that can help you get a high ranking of your site. SEO Off-Page focuses primarily on getting backlinks (links that point to your website from other sites) then optimizes search engine optimization using off-site methods.
SEO Off-Page is an unlimited process run by SEO engineers to get links.

-What is white hat SEO?

In technical terms, white-hat SEO refers to techniques, methods, and strategies that follow the rules and guidelines of search engines. It does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines or users in any way. It is also called ethical SEO because it either has a long-term performance or uses the right guidelines and policies to get high rankings in search engine results.

-What is Black Hat SEO?

In other words, the term black hat SEO refers to a set of commands used to deceive, play, and manipulate search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings. It is essential to know that these methods are immoral and will not be endorsed by any search engine. Using these methods carries the risk of being removed from the database list of Google forever.
Doing black-hat SEO tactics may cause a sudden increase in search results, but can lead to fines or complete removal from the search engine database.

6-What is the impact of user behavior on SEO?

Google’s new algorithms, notably the RankBrain algorithm, try to analyze users’ behavior when searching and optimize the results according to the same ranking. Each time a user searches for a phrase on Google, it will select one or more results in Google Bids. Google will pay close attention to users’ choices. For example, if a site ranks low in Google results, but many users click on it, Google will improve its position.

Also, the time users spend on a site to search again on Google will be especially important. It is called Dwell Time from when a user enters your website until they search for the same phrase on Google again.

Blueweb Online Solutions helps you gain a valuable body of knowledge and experience quickly and improve your position in search results by articles about online courses in SEO training, Google Webmaster training, and SEO training. One of our services is a complete package of SEO for Candian businesses.

what is the importance of seo, what is seo

7-What is the importance of SEO?

Most internet users find their pages on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Therefore, proper SEO is the key to getting more traffic. Besides, search engines provide users with what they are looking for, so customers will trust your site more than online advertising, and this shows what SEO is worth and why it should be considered.

Keywords searched by users in search engines are very important. Experience has shown that attracting a lot of visitors through Google can guarantee the success of any company. Visiting SEO methods is superior to any advertising and will impose less on you in the long run.

8-Why do search engines need SEO?

Google is a smart engine, but it still needs the help of users. They are always trying to provide better results to internet users. However, there are limitations in this direction that create the need for SEO. Wrong SEO can hide you from users and waste all your efforts, so your competitors will have more traffic and popularity with more mediocre content.

Google crawlers have relatively specific factors to understand the content of the page, which, if you follow them, will increase your chances of gaining a place. These factors are called on-page SEO, and to be successful, we need to know what these factors exactly are in SEO.


9-Articles on Search Engine Optimization

Here are some articles on search engine optimization:
Research in Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Large Website Development
In this study, the researcher believes that when the website’s implementation is completed, the problem that many companies face is that they do not know how to introduce their website on the Internet, which is the best way to enter the site. In this research, based on 77 criteria that have been examined from various sources and search engines, the optimization strategies for website development are introduced as follows:
• Improve site structure
• Keyword strategy
• URL strategy
• Code optimization
• Text processing
• Input link optimization
• Domain and hosting strategy

Analysis of search engine optimization techniques
This study examines and explains the optimization strategy of Google and Microsoft companies, and the case that has been studied and analyzed is the strategies related to Microsoft company. The most important criteria for search engine optimization, according to the researcher, are:
• Add Allow or DisAllow to the sitemap
• Add URL to sitemap
• Add a sitemap to robots.txt
• Use analysis tools to crawl

Search engine optimization to increase website visibility
In this study, researchers divide the factors that affect the increase of site ranking into three or three parts:
Search Engine Owners’ Companies: Searchers run a query on search engine pages, and then the result is displayed on the search engine results page.
Webmasters and Search Engine Optimization Companies are the companies that use a variety of tools and skills to increase the ranking of websites on the search engine results page.
Search engine searchers are people who search for information in search engines.
Researchers believe that people who do optimization activities should be aware of the latest search engine algorithms. They should consider the factors that increase site traffic and the words that end-users are looking for them. Be aware, in other words; they must always keep their information in the above three categories up to date.

Search Engine Optimization: Concepts of Technical Analysis
Researchers believe that search engine optimization is a process that never ends, and there are many techniques to improve a site’s ranking, but it is challenging to implement them all. :
The techniques mentioned in this research for optimization are:
• Increase external links
• Rename files
• One-way link
• keywords
• Use Meta Tag
• Correct use of the title
• Use robots.txt
• Content optimization

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Responsive Web Design | What is it and why it’s important for your business?

Responsive Web Design | What is it and why it’s important for your business?

What is Responsive Web Design?

Nowadays, users use countless large and small screens to access web pages. Just as in architecture, modern technology makes it possible to control various components and equipment automatically. What is Responsive web design is a question and its answer is an approach that we need too. Responsive web design enables web designers to implement Build a flexible website to respond to changes in users’ devices.

As technology has become an essential part of everyday life today, we should consider a wide range of devices through which users can access the Internet. Flexibility is the key to business success, especially online business. Today, users use countless large and small screens to access web pages.

Until recently, to display a mobile website, a separate design and programming were done under the title of a Mobile version or mobile site. In this type of design, the server, based on the user’s browser ID, detects that the user visits the website with a mobile phone. In this case, the mobile content was shown to him at the same address or redirected to a mobile URL.

The Importance of Responsive Web design

What is Responsive Web Design?

With responsive site design, you no longer need to design a dedicated site for each gadget on the market. In Responsive Web Design, The website should design by the structure of the site’s layers to be floating, which adjusts the page width, text size, etc. in different dimensions. Web designers can do all of them automatically.

A successful company must present its business information in the best way and respond appropriately to the change of users’ devices. Due to this unique possibility, the user interacts better with the site. This technique will have a more positive and attractive effect on the user. Now is the time to change and present the site in new content and leading format.

10 Web Design Issues Every Business Should Know To Be Successful

10 Web Design Issues Every Business Should Know To Be Successful

In this article, we will examine ten issues that every business should know about web design to be successful. These issues and the tips inside it will help you make sure you have a professional showcase and place to attract customers.

1-Web design history; Birth of the first website

There are many websites around the world, but none of them are 26 years old. The world’s first website, owned by the World Wide Web project, or W3, was born on August 6, 1991. This website, developed by Tim Berners-Lee, is still available at Available.

As can be seen by referring to the URL of the world’s first site, this site and other early websites that followed the same website did not have a specific design. They did not use elements such as images, color combinations, or audio files. Gradually, with the introduction of various browsers by Netscape and Microsoft, which were the major players in the browser war during these years, the way of graphic design and shaping and rendering of web pages became smoother. Microsoft seems to have had an enormous impact on this. In 2000, with the introduction of the first version of Internet Explorer for Mac systems that fully supported HTML 4.1 and CSS 1, there was an unbelievable revolution in browsers and site design. It is interesting to know that this browser was the first browser that could fully format the images. 

what is web design?

2-What is Web design?

Web design is a mixture of knowledge, art, and creativity. Web design is using visual elements, and engineering ability to put them together. When a site is designed based on the principles and harmony of the components and attracting the constant gaze of the audience, it can become a lasting work, regardless of time constraints.

Web design, or website design, exactly means trying to create a website to provide services, sell a product, or inform. Website design is a process that consists of web page layering, content production, graphic design, and SEO principles. If you want to create a great website that you can use to bring service, product, or anything else to the first page of Google, you must follow all the technical and visual principles of designing a website.

Nowadays, ordering a web design is on the list of priorities of any company or business. Business owners know that the number of Internet users is increasing day by day. So having a good position in the virtual world needs special attention. Increasing the effectiveness of a site in attracting the attention of the audience and the specialization of the web design profession requires that we have a professional look at this issue.


3-The Impact of Web Design on Businesses

Thousands of websites are launched daily in the world. Hundreds are in Canada, and probably dozens of sites that are your direct or indirect competitor. Therefore finding a suitable and valuable position in this issue is a success that will not achieve simple. The rules for doing so are in the expertise of professional site designers. Online Marketing Solutions examines your business with a comprehensive knowledge of Cyberspace and designs your website to suit your needs and audience tastes. In this way, you can properly introduce your business in the Cyberspace to present your services and products to your audience well by designing a professional site.

If you already have any website and it launched some time ago, we suggest that you leave it to experienced web designers and analysts to review your site and make changes and optimizations if necessary. In this case, you can move according to the technology of the day of web design. If you do not already have a website, the experienced Blueweb team is ready to provide you with a clear path in your online business by designing a creative and up-to-date website.

4-Why do we need web design? Site or social networks?

Suppose you have a store website, it is not enough just connect with your audience or show them photos of products. Still, you should provide a comprehensive and appropriate store website, conditions that users can buy easily and quickly. You can also accurately manage user visit statistics, sales, and all activities.

Of course, by doing social media marketing, you can manage your activity in this space and get the best results.

5-The expertise involved in web design

Different people and specialties are involved in the site design process. has brought together the most skilled and specialized in web design in the form of a cohesive team to achieve the best possible output. Your web design, from the first step (consulting) to the last (launching), will be entrusted to the best people. Just as different people with different specialties work together to build a tall tower, in web design project is done by analysts, designers, programmers, supporters, and project managers in a coordinated and structured way. After the site’s complete implementation, the digital marketing and content marketing experts of present their professional suggestions to the esteemed customers for a glorious entrance and a successful presence in the Cyberspace.

6-What are the duties of a web designer?

A web designer has a variety of tasks depending on what process of website design to involved. In general, in designing and launching a site, we need two teams or individuals for the Back-end or the same part of the code and Front-end.

A Back-end Design Specialist is someone responsible for writing different code to create the basic structure of a website. These codes are hidden from the visitors of a site. Above all, they are responsible for setting up and operating a site. A web design expert is responsible for back-end development uses programming languages ​​such as Python, ASP, and PHP.

In the discussion of front-end design, everything is to improve the visual features of a site. Everything a visitor sees is the result of a front-end developer’s work or the same person who uses different code to shape the appearance of the website. To develop the face of the site, you need coding and writing this code in languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Of course, do not forget that always working with a web graphic designer can bring much better results in this process.

Web design has a specific framework and format. Observing the standards and principles of web design and paying attention to the latest technologies of web design is so useful in this regard.

  • Web design standards
  • Basic web design
  • Responsive web design
  • Site speed

In Website design, the site should design according to the latest technologies and standards in the world. One of the most significant rules that considers in web design is SEO and website optimization in terms of structure. SEO analysts review all the points of your website. They will check if the site is produced according to the standards and approved by search engines. We know the mindset of search engines and help you to get to know about that too. In this way, you can eventually get the right position.

In the following, we will examine the factors related to the types of sites. Stay with us 

what are the factors of different types of websites?

7-What are the factors of different types of websites?

Business Website Factors

We believe that designing a company website should be such that it provides a proper and professional image of your business. A significant number of first-time visitors get acquainted with a company’s business through its website. Therefore, the design of the company’s website should be such that it provides comprehensive and useful information about the company’s activities in the best possible way and turns the visitor into a permanent fan at the very first visit. And It helps customers to trust the business.

Online Store Sites Factors

The criteria for the success of a store in the city are significantly different from an online store. Online Marketing Solutions is ideal for ordering online store site design due to its complete familiarity with the online business environment and customer behavior on these sites.

The online store site should be able to develop and expand in the future to be well-received to new products and a large number of customers. Today, designs a website for tomorrow. Due to the constant development of web technologies and the changing tastes of users. A website should be able to accept new features in the future with a suitable platform.

8-Web design prices and costs

Determining the cost of web design is a significant issue in concluding a contract with the employer. The so low prices you see in some ads or sometimes very unreasonably high costs indicate unprofessional pricing for designing a website.

At, a detailed list of your needs and services, to be provided for your site, will be prepared. The final cost is determined based on it. So be comfortable thinking about offering a reasonable price to design a professional website.

9-What tools do we need to design a site?

Surely you think to yourself, a good computer that runs everything at high speed and does not upset our nerves when executing various commands? One of the main tools for designing a web is a good computer with an updated operating system. But more importantly, they are the principle web design tools or different programming languages.

Website design tools can usually be quite different depending on the process of web design discussion. These tools are often replaced with newer versions of overtime to make site design work more useful and straightforward. Of course, the technology behind each of these tools remains the same, and it is only their performance that changes.

A web designer should use tools and technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, or any other language and technology related to site design.

Types of site design

Today’s websites are into two types: static websites and dynamic websites.

Static site design

In static site design, a separate file stored on the server for each web page, and whenever this page is required, it is read directly from the server and displayed to the user. One of the advantages of this type of site design, which was most popular until 2015, was designing static pages and its high security for the servers of that period.

With the introduction of cheaper servers and the rise of server security technology, this design has gradually given way to dynamic site design. Of course, in all dynamic websites, sections with the static design are still created, and in fact, all websites have several static parts in their design.

Dynamic site design

Website dynamic pages are designed so that the page itself is static. The content is variable. A server application that processes server-side scripts created the structure of these pages.

The user’s search created the content of such pages, and it means that he/she establishes this page on the server and sent to the client.

In a dynamic site, pages usually retrieve the content they need from a database in the back-end. When dynamic web pages were first developed, the initial development of dynamic web pages took place directly in languages ​​such as PHP, Perl, or ASP.

10-Creativity in web design

When the signature of creativity is at the heart of the work, it clearly distinguishes it from others. That is why the sites designed by have always been unique in the eyes of the audience.

The ultimate criterion for identifying a professional web design is the level of interaction and user presence. If all the steps of site design are done, according to the right rule, it will become a good and lasting experience for users and make them permanent fans.


In today’s world and any economic activity, if there is no distinction between competitors, the path to success will be complicated and lengthy. Unique website design can be the starting point of an enormous change in your business. We always try to produce attractive and unique websites while observing the principles and standards. In the following, we will examine the factors related to the types of sites. Stay with us.