SEO for wordpress | 7 Easy SEO Secrets in WordPress

SEO for wordpress | 7 Easy SEO Secrets in WordPress

7 SEO Secrets in WordPress

In this article, we have written seven SEO secrets in WordPress.

1-With www or without www:

In the WordPress settings, there is a public section of the site address box where you can specify whether your website will open with www or without www, but why do this? Despite the development of artificial intelligence of Google algorithms, address recognition with www and without www is not yet known to a website for algorithms. They are known as two separate domains and URLs.

To avoid duplicate content, you must choose one of these two modes, and one Redirected them to another. We have two types of redirects: 301 and 302. In redirect 301, the server’s response is the permanent transfer of the website to another address. In redirect 302, the reaction of the server is the temporary transfer of the server. So let see the other SEO secrets in WordPress.

2-Remove additional plugins:

Existence of unnecessary and unused plugins, apart from using WordPress hosting resources, will slow down the website to some extent. Remove extra and unnecessary plugins. It is one of the SEO secrets for WordPress, which is simple, but many don’t do it.

3-Image optimization and SEO:

An SEO image must have the ALT property; the file name (Image name) must be appropriate,. The image size must be specified in the IMG tag, and its size must be reduced as much as possible.

Use the EWWW plugin to reduce the size of your images, the Seo friendly image plugin to add the ALT property, and the google image site map plugin to create a sitemap for images. Before Uploading any image on your site, compress it. The image compressor is a good website for this issue.

4-Identify and delete 404 or broken links:

When the server returns the 404 code in response to the browser request, it means that the file in question is deleted and not available on the server. It is very upsetting for Google and maybe one of the reasons for the site penalty. Use the broken link checker plugin to identify them. This plugin automatically detects broken links and targets unlinked ones.

5-Internal links:

One of the most critical secrets for WordPress is the use of internal link building techniques, linking them in the content of related content, and using keywords in their inline text. Some plugins automatically link some keywords to the specified page; the use of these plugins is not recommended; it is better to connect the relevant content yourself.

6-Cache activation:

Use the cache to save your website template to the user’s system and load it faster on subsequent visits. Use W3C Total Cache or Wp Super Cache plugins to enable cache.

7-Database optimization:

The last option of secrets for WordPress is Database optimization. When you hear about database optimization, you may think of normalizing them. WordPress banks have been normalized as much as possible, and you need to remove some extra information that is not required from the bank to use the WP-Optimize plugin.

We recommend you read “15 reasons that we use WordPress to design websites for our clients”

15 reasons that we use WordPress to design websites for our clients

15 reasons that we use WordPress to design websites for our clients

It’s about 15 years that WordPress has been born. It’s a great platform for almost every kind of website & At we proudly design websites with WordPress. Here are our reasons:

1- According to the stats, 35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress which means that around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now.

2- There are thousands of free or paid WordPress compatible themes in the market.

3- There are more than 55000 WordPress plugins available. Many of them are absolutely free or reasonably priced. (Plugins are programs that can extend functionality or add new features to a website.)

4- Using WordPress makes your web-design price quite reasonable. It you start from scratch with other CMS, you must pay at least 5 or 10 times more. And WP is quite fast, In some cases, you can design a WP website in just one working day!

5- WordPress is multipurpose. You can use is for blog, magazine, personal, shop, business, forums, education and many other kind of websites.

6- WordPress is highly flexible and expandable. You can start your website as a blog and convert it to a shop easily.

7- Hundreds of best programmers in the world are continuously working on the core of WordPress, making it stay fresh and updated.

8- WP is available in more than 70 languages.

9- There are thousands of support pages and websites in the internet for WordPress. You can find solutions for almost any WP issue on google!

10- Millions of people are using WordPress which makes it safer, more user friendly and applicable.

11- Since many designers are familiar with WordPress, you can easily change your designer. But if you hire a personal developer to code your website, you are always imprisoned.

12- All reputed hosting companies support WordPress and offer special supporting features for it.

13- WordPress is truly SEO friendly.

14- It’s easy to work with & publishing posts is very easy.

15- Finally and the most important thing: WordPress has great plugins for digital marketing. It is a powerful machine which can turn your ideas to reality.

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How Important is It to Create a Website for Your Business?

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4 Reasons to Invest in Professional and Best Web Design in Toronto |

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