Google AdWords

Google ranks first in all countries! By advertising on Google, you have the chance to appear in front of your customers in 3.5 billion daily searches on Google. In special places on the first page of Google!

What is Blueweb Google AdWords Services?

If you have tried various ads for your online business and have not succeeded, we recommend that you try Google Ads with

We have several ways for you to advertise on Google. You can leave the entire management and execution of your advertising campaign to us and receive daily reports on the performance of your campaign. Or you can do all the work yourself and we will only charge your account.

How much you want to spend on Google advertising is up to you, you can start with low-cost AdWords plans and increase your advertising budget once you see success.

In Google Ads, you only pay when someone is interested in your product and clicks on it. So do not worry about the cost of advertising. The results are guaranteed. 

We charge a one time fee of C$350 for the setup of the Ad account and then C$100 monthly for the maintenance and reporting.

Depending on what your business needs, we can do the following:

  • Build a new campaign(s)
  • Redesign the existing campaign(s)
  • Manage your campaign(s) for maximum ROI.
  • And local Ads for local businesses

What are the Advantages of Google Adwords:

  • Advertise on the most visited website in the world in all countries
  • The most powerful and effective advertising strategy
  • Attract the right audience at the golden moment they need products or services
  • The return on investment is about 200%

What are the advantages of Blueweb Google Ads services?

  • Direct Access to the Account

    Ability to access and view all information and reports directly and without the control panel interface through a Google Ads account.

  • Ad Scheduling

    The display of advertisements is scheduled based on the customer’s comments, and the advertisements are displayed until the account expires.

  • Google AdWords Advertising Promotional plugins

    Promotional plugins such as contact phone numbers, site links, and features are added to the ad based on customer feedback.

  • Account optimization

    Targeted clicks and reduced costs by professional account management by Blueweb experts on an ongoing basis. You can achieve:


    • More Traffic: We design and manage your Google AdWords campaigns that drive more traffic at a lower cost.
    • High-Quality Traffic: The quality of the traffic is an index you can measure for your PPC campaigns. 
    • Lower Costs:  We can identify useless clicks and reduce the cost of AdWords.
    • Higher Return: One of the most important goals of every business is to run effective and efficient marketing campaigns.




Why Did Our Customers Choose Blueweb For Advertising On Google?

Competitive Prices

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All our services have competitive prices. Designing and managing a Google Adwords campaign is complex. But our experts can do it for every business, C$350 for setup of each Ad & C$100 monthly for maintenance & reporting. 

Transparency and Honesty

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We will deliver a special account to you
We are also with you in managing and optimizing your account
Within one to three business days, we will provide you with dedicated account information for advertising on Google. Your direct access to the account allows you to evaluate the performance of your advertising campaigns at any time.

Also, Blueweb experts in account management and optimization are with you. By optimally managing Google Ads campaigns, your advertising costs and click-through rates will be reduced and your ad performance will increase.

Immediate Delivery

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1-2 days, all orders, including account recharging and creating a dedicated account, will be done.

Workshops & Training

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We believe that trained customers get a good return on advertising resulting in extended advertising.

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