The importance of backlinks in SEO

In this article, we try to express a little bit of the importance of backlinks in SEO:

One of the active factors in SEO is backlinks that if they are determined correctly, it can improve the ranking and increase its users. They are essential because they show Google that your site is popular among other websites.

On the other hand, it will increase your domain’s credibility with Google, but not for every backlink! Which we will explain more about in the following. Backlinks are vital because they represent the domain of your site,

The more and the higher the quality, the higher the website rank will be, and the more page authority the site pages will have. Submitting links to social pages, forums, and other websites are very important and useful in SEO.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks refer to links that refer to pages or a page of a site. By clicking on them can be entered into the desired website.

Backlinks are created when a link is given to your site from another site, which is in the form of followers and novels. In general, linking from other sites is a positive signal to Google. And by doing so, search engines conclude that the content of a site is valuable.

Backlinks can be created naturally or spontaneously; for example, you can link directly to another site by specifying a specific name. In this case, you have created a natural backlink.

The importance of strong backlinks in SEO

  • There are strong and valuable links that are received from reputable and popular sites.
  • Websites that have a broad audience have the right Alexa color.
  • And they also have a good rank on the Moz site.
  • Getting backlinks from spam and poor websites will harm SEO.
  • And some competitors may even try to hit your site.


Follow and no-follow backlinks in SEO

It is better to compare follow links to points for easier understanding. More do-follow links mean more points. Therefore, the site with the highest score will win. When a page receives a lot of do-follow links, search engines usually realize the popularity and efficiency of its content and thus improve its ranking in the search results list compared to similar websites. Of course, you should know that a large number of do-follow links, under certain conditions, can reverse and cause your website to rank lower.

What effect do backlinks have on-site ranking?

  • When you receive a backlink from a site, you receive part of its credibility, and of course, this does not mean that the first site’s reliability is reduced.
  • We mentioned above that you should get healthy backlinks. One of the reasons for this is the credibility of the site.
  • If you get backlinks from a site with a good ranking in Google, this will have a positive effect on your site’s ranking.
  • And improves the site’s ranking in Google.
  • These changes do not happen instantly and will be palpable over time.
  • You should also note that receiving a large volume of backlinks in a short period is not good at all, and Google considers it as an example of fraud.

From which sites should we get backlinks?

  • Get links to these remarkable examples of backlinks in SEO
  • Sites that have topics related to your website and have the same keywords as you
  • Sites that rank well on Google and are in the initial results of the first page
  • From a site that has high page rank and page authority
  • Be sure to link to your site from social networks and forums.
  • Use news websites to submit links and report ad; ad reporting is also a kind of permanent backlink is essential.