In this modern marketing approach, the focus is on the Internet-center digital capabilities. This approach insists on introducing products and driving sales through the digital space. By adapting to the principles of marketing and applying different approaches, Digital Marketing has made it possible for customers to live on the web and the Internet, bringing business to the Internet at a rapid pace.

Digital marketing is an “online toolkit” through which its tools can be applied to digital and internet marketing. Tools such as Google Analytics, AdWords, digital banner and click advertising, app marketing, game marketing, video marketing, email marketing and social marketing, motion graphics, SEO, and more are just a handful of these.

In fact, digital marketing is the introduction and promotion of products and brands through one or more electronic media. One of the most important features of digital marketing is the ability to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns, while being cheap. Digital marketing is also compatible with all types of business scales from a young name-seeker with a small capital to a multi-billion dollar business like Apple, they can all take advantage of digital marketing capabilities.

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