How to start a web design (5 simple steps for beginners)

How to start a web design (5 simple steps for beginners)

How to start a web design?

To enter the world of Internet businesses, you must get help from a reputable web design company. With their advice, choose the right path to start a startup. If you are familiar with web design and want to start this yourself, pay attention to the following steps to start web design.

  • Select a domain name (website URL) and Buy hosts and domains from a reputable company
  • Website or online store design
  • Website optimization
  • Make money from the website

Step 1 to start a web design | Select and purchase hosts and domains 

Buying a host and registering an internet domain can be considered one of the most important things that you must be very serious and sensitive in choosing. Choosing a suitable hosting and the domain name of the company that provides the services you need depends on your audience’s country of residence. For example, if your audience is mostly in Canada, it is recommended to use Canadian hosting to have a high speed for sharing site content. If your audience lives in another country, you need to use international hosting. Because the choice of hosts is directly related to the speed of loading site information for your audience. So doing and selecting the desired host and web design. It is time for your site to be uploaded inside a suitable host and connected to the domain.

Step 2 to start a web design | Website or online store design

Web design includes steps that must you should consider too much. The first thing in designing a site and have a professional web design is having a goal and being aware of having a website. Then you have to choose a logo as well as a template with a suitable style for your website. So that it is attractive and pleasant for the visitor to the site. It would help if you examined your audience correctly. In this way, you can get the necessary knowledge of the audience. After completing these steps, you need to provide it to the web design company to implement, complete, and design the site.

start a webdesign

Step 3 to start a web design | Website optimization

The value of the site optimization or SEO phase is much higher than the previous steps. Because you want to have an active and popular site, which, of course, determines your website’s purpose. In e-commerce today, visitors play a significant role in monetization and efficiency. Website optimization is a scientific matter and requires the use of experts in this work so that these experts increase the site’s ranking in the search engine and make your website visible to Internet users.

Step 1 to start a web design | Make money from the website

All of the above steps are an introduction to the monetization stage. Although the optimization phase is one of the revenue generation stages, it is to complete it so that you have a correct and complete knowledge of internet business science. Common ways in internet business include using SMS advertising, using beautiful and attractive templates, marketing on the Internet, engaging content for the audience, and things like that.


11 web design tricks to have an attractive site

11 web design tricks to have an attractive site

Eleven practical and straightforward tricks to design an attractive and lucrative site!

Having the best web design does not seem like an easy task, when it comes to making money, it seems even harder! Yes, your website and its web design should be not only attractive but also lucrative! Let’s review web design tricks in this article.

One of the most common mistakes in web design is paying too much attention to the site’s appearance and graphics (web design). So that sometimes the main factor of site success, i.e., increasing the conversion rates of the user to the customer (conversion rates), is forgotten. These mistakes make users bored with your site!

You can quickly increase your site traffic and increase your sales. Applying these tricks and solutions is not the overnight formula for the success of your site. But by doing them regularly, you can improve the performance of your website many times over.

1) Generate content for your real audience.

One of the Web design tricks is to try to identify your audience and their behaviors first and then start producing content. For example, you need to know what their main concerns are. What is the primary purpose of their visit to your site? What are the problems with ordering them? And what makes them happy? With these tips in mind, you can offer them exactly what they expect, and it is a great way to turn site visitors into customers.

2) Categorize your text.

The other Web design tricks are by adequately categorizing the text. You can easily make it easier for the audience to read a book, and it does not mean that your paragraphs should be shorter. Instead, it would help if you turned more extensive texts into smaller ones so that we fully categorized them in the user’s mind, and then all the content is presented continuously. The use of headlines, two- or three-line paragraphs, the use of bolder frames or bold text, the use of bulletins, and numbering are some of the methods that make the content quickly go through the reader’s mind first and make him continue reading.

3) Do not crowd your site! (Use white space)

Proper use of white space on the site will help a lot to make your content better seen. For example, look at the first page of Google. Most of the page space is white so that its original content can be clearly seen on the page. To achieve its goals, Google wants the user to be completely focused on their search, and there should be no margins around the page. Keep in mind that the amount of space depends entirely on your purpose on different pages of the site.

4) Do not misspell

No doubt having a misspelling in the text is a significant and useful mistake that reduces your website’s credibility. If you have the expertise to edit an article, you can use free software such as “Editor” to ultimately control the content.

5) Always answer visitors’ questions

Visitors are the biggest asset of your site. So it would help if you never were indifferent to answering their questions. Some of these questions can be answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, explained in the site comments, or asked and answered online.

6) Optimize search results on the web design.

One thing that is especially important in large sites or online stores is searching the site. Search results should be based on the audience’s priorities and real needs.


web design

7) Change the color of pages that users have been to before.

Visitors want to know which pages they have been to before and which pages are new to them. Changing the color of previously clicked links indicates that optimizing visitor time is essential to you.

8) The central logo is clickable in a good web design

An elementary but essential point is that users are directed to the “Home” page by clicking on the logo. In general, if users can not enter the “Home” page with a specific and straightforward click, they will be confused and leave your website. Why is this so important? Because the home page is the first place that users get lost on the site or can not find the page they want, they want to return to it.

9) Adjust the size of the photos in your web design

Another point that effectively creates users’ interest in your content is the quality and how the images are placed in the text. All text photos must have the same dimensions or at least the same length. Be careful not to over-stretch or compress the image to reduce the image quality. When it comes to large images, keep in mind that they must be large enough to slow down your web design.

10) Make sure the site photos are responsive.

We have already talked about the importance of a responsive site. Lack of responsiveness to text photos can cause your audience to get bored and leave your site quickly.

11) Privacy

Many of your audience may not even know what privacy means, but does that mean you don’t care about user privacy? Statistics show that 20% of users always read the description of privacy, even if they do not know what it means. Posting customer privacy statements assures them that you are retaining their business information, which will increase customer trust.
The most important and main point for any site’s success is to know your audience and focus on their wants and needs. These tricks will ultimately help you to make your website more useful, not just more attractive!

You can contact the Blueweb online solutions team for any advice, web design services, and digital marketing services.

10 Web Design Issues Every Business Should Know To Be Successful

10 Web Design Issues Every Business Should Know To Be Successful

In this article, we will examine ten issues that every business should know about web design to be successful. These issues and the tips inside it will help you make sure you have a professional showcase and place to attract customers.

1-Web design history; Birth of the first website

There are many websites around the world, but none of them are 26 years old. The world’s first website, owned by the World Wide Web project, or W3, was born on August 6, 1991. This website, developed by Tim Berners-Lee, is still available at Available.

As can be seen by referring to the URL of the world’s first site, this site and other early websites that followed the same website did not have a specific design. They did not use elements such as images, color combinations, or audio files. Gradually, with the introduction of various browsers by Netscape and Microsoft, which were the major players in the browser war during these years, the way of graphic design and shaping and rendering of web pages became smoother. Microsoft seems to have had an enormous impact on this. In 2000, with the introduction of the first version of Internet Explorer for Mac systems that fully supported HTML 4.1 and CSS 1, there was an unbelievable revolution in browsers and site design. It is interesting to know that this browser was the first browser that could fully format the images. 

what is web design?

2-What is Web design?

Web design is a mixture of knowledge, art, and creativity. Web design is using visual elements, and engineering ability to put them together. When a site is designed based on the principles and harmony of the components and attracting the constant gaze of the audience, it can become a lasting work, regardless of time constraints.

Web design, or website design, exactly means trying to create a website to provide services, sell a product, or inform. Website design is a process that consists of web page layering, content production, graphic design, and SEO principles. If you want to create a great website that you can use to bring service, product, or anything else to the first page of Google, you must follow all the technical and visual principles of designing a website.

Nowadays, ordering a web design is on the list of priorities of any company or business. Business owners know that the number of Internet users is increasing day by day. So having a good position in the virtual world needs special attention. Increasing the effectiveness of a site in attracting the attention of the audience and the specialization of the web design profession requires that we have a professional look at this issue.


3-The Impact of Web Design on Businesses

Thousands of websites are launched daily in the world. Hundreds are in Canada, and probably dozens of sites that are your direct or indirect competitor. Therefore finding a suitable and valuable position in this issue is a success that will not achieve simple. The rules for doing so are in the expertise of professional site designers. Online Marketing Solutions examines your business with a comprehensive knowledge of Cyberspace and designs your website to suit your needs and audience tastes. In this way, you can properly introduce your business in the Cyberspace to present your services and products to your audience well by designing a professional site.

If you already have any website and it launched some time ago, we suggest that you leave it to experienced web designers and analysts to review your site and make changes and optimizations if necessary. In this case, you can move according to the technology of the day of web design. If you do not already have a website, the experienced Blueweb team is ready to provide you with a clear path in your online business by designing a creative and up-to-date website.

4-Why do we need web design? Site or social networks?

Suppose you have a store website, it is not enough just connect with your audience or show them photos of products. Still, you should provide a comprehensive and appropriate store website, conditions that users can buy easily and quickly. You can also accurately manage user visit statistics, sales, and all activities.

Of course, by doing social media marketing, you can manage your activity in this space and get the best results.

5-The expertise involved in web design

Different people and specialties are involved in the site design process. has brought together the most skilled and specialized in web design in the form of a cohesive team to achieve the best possible output. Your web design, from the first step (consulting) to the last (launching), will be entrusted to the best people. Just as different people with different specialties work together to build a tall tower, in web design project is done by analysts, designers, programmers, supporters, and project managers in a coordinated and structured way. After the site’s complete implementation, the digital marketing and content marketing experts of present their professional suggestions to the esteemed customers for a glorious entrance and a successful presence in the Cyberspace.

6-What are the duties of a web designer?

A web designer has a variety of tasks depending on what process of website design to involved. In general, in designing and launching a site, we need two teams or individuals for the Back-end or the same part of the code and Front-end.

A Back-end Design Specialist is someone responsible for writing different code to create the basic structure of a website. These codes are hidden from the visitors of a site. Above all, they are responsible for setting up and operating a site. A web design expert is responsible for back-end development uses programming languages ​​such as Python, ASP, and PHP.

In the discussion of front-end design, everything is to improve the visual features of a site. Everything a visitor sees is the result of a front-end developer’s work or the same person who uses different code to shape the appearance of the website. To develop the face of the site, you need coding and writing this code in languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Of course, do not forget that always working with a web graphic designer can bring much better results in this process.

Web design has a specific framework and format. Observing the standards and principles of web design and paying attention to the latest technologies of web design is so useful in this regard.

  • Web design standards
  • Basic web design
  • Responsive web design
  • Site speed

In Website design, the site should design according to the latest technologies and standards in the world. One of the most significant rules that considers in web design is SEO and website optimization in terms of structure. SEO analysts review all the points of your website. They will check if the site is produced according to the standards and approved by search engines. We know the mindset of search engines and help you to get to know about that too. In this way, you can eventually get the right position.

In the following, we will examine the factors related to the types of sites. Stay with us 

what are the factors of different types of websites?

7-What are the factors of different types of websites?

Business Website Factors

We believe that designing a company website should be such that it provides a proper and professional image of your business. A significant number of first-time visitors get acquainted with a company’s business through its website. Therefore, the design of the company’s website should be such that it provides comprehensive and useful information about the company’s activities in the best possible way and turns the visitor into a permanent fan at the very first visit. And It helps customers to trust the business.

Online Store Sites Factors

The criteria for the success of a store in the city are significantly different from an online store. Online Marketing Solutions is ideal for ordering online store site design due to its complete familiarity with the online business environment and customer behavior on these sites.

The online store site should be able to develop and expand in the future to be well-received to new products and a large number of customers. Today, designs a website for tomorrow. Due to the constant development of web technologies and the changing tastes of users. A website should be able to accept new features in the future with a suitable platform.

8-Web design prices and costs

Determining the cost of web design is a significant issue in concluding a contract with the employer. The so low prices you see in some ads or sometimes very unreasonably high costs indicate unprofessional pricing for designing a website.

At, a detailed list of your needs and services, to be provided for your site, will be prepared. The final cost is determined based on it. So be comfortable thinking about offering a reasonable price to design a professional website.

9-What tools do we need to design a site?

Surely you think to yourself, a good computer that runs everything at high speed and does not upset our nerves when executing various commands? One of the main tools for designing a web is a good computer with an updated operating system. But more importantly, they are the principle web design tools or different programming languages.

Website design tools can usually be quite different depending on the process of web design discussion. These tools are often replaced with newer versions of overtime to make site design work more useful and straightforward. Of course, the technology behind each of these tools remains the same, and it is only their performance that changes.

A web designer should use tools and technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, or any other language and technology related to site design.

Types of site design

Today’s websites are into two types: static websites and dynamic websites.

Static site design

In static site design, a separate file stored on the server for each web page, and whenever this page is required, it is read directly from the server and displayed to the user. One of the advantages of this type of site design, which was most popular until 2015, was designing static pages and its high security for the servers of that period.

With the introduction of cheaper servers and the rise of server security technology, this design has gradually given way to dynamic site design. Of course, in all dynamic websites, sections with the static design are still created, and in fact, all websites have several static parts in their design.

Dynamic site design

Website dynamic pages are designed so that the page itself is static. The content is variable. A server application that processes server-side scripts created the structure of these pages.

The user’s search created the content of such pages, and it means that he/she establishes this page on the server and sent to the client.

In a dynamic site, pages usually retrieve the content they need from a database in the back-end. When dynamic web pages were first developed, the initial development of dynamic web pages took place directly in languages ​​such as PHP, Perl, or ASP.

10-Creativity in web design

When the signature of creativity is at the heart of the work, it clearly distinguishes it from others. That is why the sites designed by have always been unique in the eyes of the audience.

The ultimate criterion for identifying a professional web design is the level of interaction and user presence. If all the steps of site design are done, according to the right rule, it will become a good and lasting experience for users and make them permanent fans.


In today’s world and any economic activity, if there is no distinction between competitors, the path to success will be complicated and lengthy. Unique website design can be the starting point of an enormous change in your business. We always try to produce attractive and unique websites while observing the principles and standards. In the following, we will examine the factors related to the types of sites. Stay with us.

15 reasons that we use WordPress to design websites for our clients

15 reasons that we use WordPress to design websites for our clients

It’s about 15 years that WordPress has been born. It’s a great platform for almost every kind of website & At we proudly design websites with WordPress. Here are our reasons:

1- According to the stats, 35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress which means that around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now.

2- There are thousands of free or paid WordPress compatible themes in the market.

3- There are more than 55000 WordPress plugins available. Many of them are absolutely free or reasonably priced. (Plugins are programs that can extend functionality or add new features to a website.)

4- Using WordPress makes your web-design price quite reasonable. It you start from scratch with other CMS, you must pay at least 5 or 10 times more. And WP is quite fast, In some cases, you can design a WP website in just one working day!

5- WordPress is multipurpose. You can use is for blog, magazine, personal, shop, business, forums, education and many other kind of websites.

6- WordPress is highly flexible and expandable. You can start your website as a blog and convert it to a shop easily.

7- Hundreds of best programmers in the world are continuously working on the core of WordPress, making it stay fresh and updated.

8- WP is available in more than 70 languages.

9- There are thousands of support pages and websites in the internet for WordPress. You can find solutions for almost any WP issue on google!

10- Millions of people are using WordPress which makes it safer, more user friendly and applicable.

11- Since many designers are familiar with WordPress, you can easily change your designer. But if you hire a personal developer to code your website, you are always imprisoned.

12- All reputed hosting companies support WordPress and offer special supporting features for it.

13- WordPress is truly SEO friendly.

14- It’s easy to work with & publishing posts is very easy.

15- Finally and the most important thing: WordPress has great plugins for digital marketing. It is a powerful machine which can turn your ideas to reality.

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How Important is It to Create a Website for Your Business?

How Important is It to Create a Website for Your Business?

Creating a website is essential for your company to gain more visibility on the internet. At our web design services in Toronto, we help create this showcase for your business. We will express well why it is important to invest in our web design services in Canada. Keep up!

Creating a website for your business builds credibility

The internet is arguably already part of people’s daily lives. A company that does not yet have a digital presence loses room for its competitors. At our web design company in Canada, we design the website in a way to improve your credibility.

Increased Company Visibility

A website created by our web designer near me, you can be present online. It will develop digital marketing work that enables you to achieve very expressive results. Alternatively, our web designer Canada helps to attract potential customers, building relationships and providing positive experiences.

Possibility of new customers

With the best web design in Toronto and a good digital marketing strategy, you can attract new customers. Within digital marketing, there is a wide variety of strategies, techniques, and actions. You can count on the help of professionals at our web design company in Ontario.

Interaction with Social Media

If your audience is a fan of social media, then you also need to be present in this universe. Your website designed by our web design agency Toronto can help you leverage your results. Your site may have links that direct the visitor to their media profiles.

Possibility to increase conversions

Through the site by our web design service near me, the company can promote its products and services. It will provide a positive experience for visitors. In addition, you can take actions that foster a closer relationship between business and visitors.

Being found by Google users

The creation of your website by our best web design company in Canada is according to SEO techniques. It allows Google robots to see it as quality and relevant to the user’s experience. These factors make your site better positioned on Google pages.

Ease of standard answers

The ease of visitor finding information generates a positive feeling about the company. It facilitates their search for information and also helps to overcome possible obstacles. It also reduces the number of contacts with your staff.

Reduced Cost to Create a Website

To enjoy all the advantages, you do not need to make a huge investment. At a small cost, register a domain and open an account on a website hosting server. Then, there comes the job of our top web design agency in Canada. Creating a website at our top web design agency in Toronto is not a luxury investment.

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