SEO Checklist | A Good Assistance for website owners

SEO Checklist | A Good Assistance for website owners

Seo Checklist

With the proliferation of businesses moving from physical to virtual, SEO, and search engine marketing topics have been doubly welcomed, so this article is presented.

On-page Seo Checklist

  • Choosing the right and strong keywords as your roadmap are efficient.
  • Pay attention to the integrity of the content, structure, and especially the page address’s standards.
  • Use the latest technology to design your site and make the most of analytics sites like Gtmetrix.
  • Choose the right and quality host.
  • Consider SEO algorithms and do not be bumpy in optimizing.
  • Follow the standards of the robot file and site map.
  • Help index the pages of the site and show the user the path of menu categories and sub-categories.
  • Internal linking helps a lot to direct users to be useful and relevant pages.
  • Structured Data, Rich Snippet, EMP, Canonical, and HTML tags are the minimum optimizations for your site.
  • Consider photo standards in name and size.
  • Minimize site errors.
  • The most important thing about optimizing your site is nothing but useful content in a proper format.

Off-page Seo Checklist

  • Spread the brand and content on social media
  • Publish relevant and attractive news to increase visitors to related sites and blogs and forums
  • Publish ad reporting on appropriate sites
  • You should know that mobile software and site are compatible with all types of mobile phones and tablets.


SEO Checklist

Last point of SEO checklist

SEO and website optimization have no end, and you have to use the best paths and facilities frequently.

Do not forget that SEO is changing the direction of following a few routine techniques to provide the best content. Also, in conceptual and semantic SEO, by creating traffic on the site and providing appropriate and attractive content, you can prove your site content’s acceptability to search engines.

According to surveys conducted and the introduction of SEO checklists in 2020, user satisfaction with content and articles with more than 1000 words and images and videos will make your items more successful and the phrase site optimization for search engines to site optimization Changed for the user experience.


What are the SEO Services? Why should we use site optimization services?

What are the SEO Services? Why should we use site optimization services?

What are the SEO services?

The most targeted type of digital marketing is the use of SEO services and web page optimization. The site’s SEO is of inbound marketing type, meaning that this is the customer who comes to you. When a customer is looking for a product or service, they get help from Google and other search engines and reach your brand and product.

benefits of using seo services

benefits of using seo services

Benefits of using SEO services

• In most marketing methods, after the end of the advertising campaign, we will not have any new entrants and customers. But marketing using SEO services is very durable. In many cases, it will remain on the first page of Google results for a long time.
• It is much more cost-effective than other marketing methods.

• SEO services to review keywords, analyze competitors, thematic implementation and content production

  • The most reliable SEO services to study the subject of activity, services, and goods, analyze competitors, identify and discover the best keywords to increase organic and natural site traffic through Google (Web analytics)
  • Optimal implementation of site structure and services to improve page layout and proper internal linking
  • Planning to produce quality content with attractive, famous and popular titles on Web search engines (Web Content Marketing)
  • Services to update and upload the provided content based on a regular and stable schedule.

• SEO services site structure (discovering technical problems and fixing SEO technical errors)

  •  Code optimization services and setting the wrong arrangement of HTML tags on site pages
  •  Implement and modify the coding of a responsive and suitable mobile user interface
  • Increase the loading speed of site pages
  • SEO services to build or alter the structure of page URLs and content
  • Create and edit robot files, sitemaps, and redirects

• Quality and durable link building services (Link building)

  • Preparing a permanent ad report for your brand according to the employer’s taste and publishing it on appropriate sites
  • Buy valuable backlinks and increase them naturally over relatively long and regular periods
  • Remove wrong links and prevent malicious backlinks
  • Link building on social networks

• Local SEO Services

Providing a variety of local SEO services (great opportunity for local and small businesses):
• Register site, activity location address, contact number, logo, and images in Google Map and seen in “Local Pack Listing.”
• Use “Google My Business” for companies.
• Add microformats using (RichSnip optimization service)
• Local link building and registration in business directories
• Local optimization of site landing pages

• SEO consulting services

SEO Digital Marketing Agency provides specialized consulting services in the field of SEO.

Website design according to SEO standards

  • Website design through proprietary programming or the use of content management systems such as .NET News, WordPress, Knop Commerce, etc. provides a variety of SEO services for corporate portals, corporate, store, news, private and personal sites.
  • Redesign the website, transfer the previous website’s content, and redirect the URLs in compliance with the principles of SEO.
What are the Characteristics of the best SEO company?

What are the Characteristics of the best SEO company?

Features of the best SEO company

Before choosing the best SEO company or the best SEO engineer, you need to pay attention to the following points:

The best choice is to sign a contract with a company or specialist provider of site design and SEO services before launching the site to design your website based on SEO algorithms from the beginning. Then, optimize and SEO the site in principle. A company that can also provide content production services based on SEO standards would be a great choice. In this case, you can entrust all site design and SEO matters to that company as an annual contract.

But if you have already launched your website through another person or company or have designed the site yourself through WordPress or Joomla, the SEO company must check your website before offering the SEO price thoroughly. Especially if any SEO move has already been made on your site, you must keep the SEO work fully informed. In this case, an SEO company can better analyze your site SEO project. It is interesting to know that if your website has signs of unprincipled SEO work, a professional SEO company will not accept your project at all! And may suggest that you design a new site and use a new domain.

Also, the host and server on which your website is hosted are critical.

To what extent can an SEO Company promise you to reach the top of Google?


no seo company or seo master can promise the first rank of google. characteristics of seo company

No SEO company and no SEO Master can promise you to reach the top of Google. No SEO company and no SEO work has a friendly relationship and exclusive cooperation with Google search engine, and in fact, no one can guarantee Google results.

A professional SEO company with a lot of experience in site optimization and SEO can increase your presence in the first rank of Google search engine. Still, it should not make any promises as a guarantee. You can trust the best SEO company that has many portfolios and successful SEO projects for other businesses.

You should note that some companies use black hat SEO (spam) methods in SEO! Black hat SEO methods use non-standard methods, invisible texts and words, spam backlinks, and other methods that can make your site reach the top of Google faster, but after a while, the overall results Google Input will be removed!

A fraudulent SEO company may enter into a deal with you and commit to getting your website to the top of Google in a short amount of time for a small fee. Even do the same, you and the Google rank. You have seen that you pay the full cost, but after a while, you realize that the site rank is decreasing day by day! Until it is completely removed from Google results! And in that situation, you will have no way to compensate for the damage done!

What is the best solution?

You should ask the SEO company to specify their working methods for site optimization. Of course, you can not expect the SEO company to explain the details of the work and the SEO model, but you can ask the SEO company to provide you with general strategies for your work.

For example, if it uses backlinks for link building, it is clear that it is not reliable! But if you use receiving follow links through ad reporting in high-traffic news agencies with high authority, it will have the best results for your SEO site and can be the right partner for you. Blueweb Online Solution is a digital marketing company, which SEO is one of its services.