What are the SEO Services? Why should we use site optimization services?

What are the SEO Services? Why should we use site optimization services?

What are the SEO services?

The most targeted type of digital marketing is the use of SEO services and web page optimization. The site’s SEO is of inbound marketing type, meaning that this is the customer who comes to you. When a customer is looking for a product or service, they get help from Google and other search engines and reach your brand and product.

benefits of using seo services

benefits of using seo services

Benefits of using SEO services

• In most marketing methods, after the end of the advertising campaign, we will not have any new entrants and customers. But marketing using SEO services is very durable. In many cases, it will remain on the first page of Google results for a long time.
• It is much more cost-effective than other marketing methods.

• SEO services to review keywords, analyze competitors, thematic implementation and content production

  • The most reliable SEO services to study the subject of activity, services, and goods, analyze competitors, identify and discover the best keywords to increase organic and natural site traffic through Google (Web analytics)
  • Optimal implementation of site structure and services to improve page layout and proper internal linking
  • Planning to produce quality content with attractive, famous and popular titles on Web search engines (Web Content Marketing)
  • Services to update and upload the provided content based on a regular and stable schedule.

• SEO services site structure (discovering technical problems and fixing SEO technical errors)

  •  Code optimization services and setting the wrong arrangement of HTML tags on site pages
  •  Implement and modify the coding of a responsive and suitable mobile user interface
  • Increase the loading speed of site pages
  • SEO services to build or alter the structure of page URLs and content
  • Create and edit robot files, sitemaps, and redirects

• Quality and durable link building services (Link building)

  • Preparing a permanent ad report for your brand according to the employer’s taste and publishing it on appropriate sites
  • Buy valuable backlinks and increase them naturally over relatively long and regular periods
  • Remove wrong links and prevent malicious backlinks
  • Link building on social networks

• Local SEO Services

Providing a variety of local SEO services (great opportunity for local and small businesses):
• Register site, activity location address, contact number, logo, and images in Google Map and seen in “Local Pack Listing.”
• Use “Google My Business” for companies.
• Add microformats using Schema.org (RichSnip optimization service)
• Local link building and registration in business directories
• Local optimization of site landing pages

• SEO consulting services

SEO Digital Marketing Agency provides specialized consulting services in the field of SEO.

Website design according to SEO standards

  • Website design through proprietary programming or the use of content management systems such as .NET News, WordPress, Knop Commerce, etc. provides a variety of SEO services for corporate portals, corporate, store, news, private and personal sites.
  • Redesign the website, transfer the previous website’s content, and redirect the URLs in compliance with the principles of SEO.
7 Graphic inspirational tips in web design

7 Graphic inspirational tips in web design

Seven Graphic inspirational tips in web design

If you want to add modern and contemporary styles to your graphic design, apply the following methods in your site design. In the following, we will introduce these methods in website design.

What are inspirational tips in web design?

1-Responsive logo

One of the inspirational tips in web design is the Responsive Logo. Logo design in today’s tech world needs to be done more professionally than ever before. Today, logo designers have to adapt to different smart devices so that their logo design can be displayed flexibly on screens with different sizes and resolutions.

In designing a responsive site, the logo design must also be responsive. Unlike the classic sophisticated and detailed logo design, today, the best logo design is simple and flexible. It optimizes the logo design for various devices such as phones, tablets, and even a giant advertising billboard.

2-Gradient background

The other inspirational tip in web design is the role of gradients in site design. The gradients in site design in 2020 have become more prominent. We have seen these backgrounds in abundance in Instagram filters. The main feature of these backgrounds is having two or three colors and being fresh and modern.

3-More shadow and opacity (with semi-flat design)

Shadows like gradients in 2020 are used in the site’s graphic design, including icons and images, websites, application interfaces, and even print designs. It seems that in 2020 we will see the revival of shadows, which means the improvement of Flat design.
A shadow printing process in which a shadow is printed on contrasting colors to create a two-color image is a technique that has found a new approach to digital media.

4-Pallets and patterns inspired by the 80s and 90s

In this style, layers with different colors, textures, and depths are combined to provide a beautiful and eye-catching combination for your main design background. Using a suitable color palette in graphic design plays an essential role.


Inspirational tips in web design

5-Animations and gifs

Animation can provide ideas and points of view for more fundamental understanding. In a world where people have limited time, animation can convey complex ideas in a short amount of time with more appeal. In 2020, we will see more effects of animation and gif images on websites. The interactivity of the animations encourages the user to stay on the site. The use of moving logos and logos in the design of the site allows companies to be seen more.

6-Bold and prominent typography

Typography, as a graphic element in website design and the collection of minimalist styles of 2020, is included. More and more businesses are using bold typography to enhance their homepage visually. This style works best when most of the page elements are minimal and straightforward.

7-Use real photos

Using real images creates a real feeling. Using photos in website design is one of the essential principles that should be considered by graphic designers. Studies on the use of images in site design have shown that users pay attention to real photos and pictures related to the content of the site, but advertising images that are used as images in web design will be ignored.

8-Very accurate vintage

Vintage is nothing new; the VINTAGE design is an infinite source of inspiration and is a way to stay in 2020. Although it may break the central tendency for minimalism, brands that seek to achieve a distinctive look and feel often find the aesthetics of classic design and can provide distinction and sophistication. While this may not work for everyone, brands in the food and beverage industry use it.

What is SEO Marketing? Is it really Free for our business?

What is SEO Marketing? Is it really Free for our business?

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is one of the techniques of optimizing your website for search engines that helps the user to find your site easily. To have a successful business, you need to take this issue seriously, and finally get enough information to improve it. In the following, we will discuss more this. Join us.

SEO marketing is one of the processes by which you can improve your SEO site and increase the site ranking. With the help of this method, you can upgrade your site ranking without paying any costs. With the help of this technique, you can make the necessary investments on your site. Finally, create a valuable content method for your website, and improve your site in search engine rankings.

What is the SEO Marketing process?

Search engines like Google use a variety of algorithms to determine the status of your site. One of the most critical factors determining your site’s ranking among search engines is your site’s content. In general, we can say that search engines do not understand your site images or videos. For this reason, you should spend a lot of time producing site content to place your site in the top search engine results.

Note that search engine algorithms do not examine your site’s content daily, but do so at regular intervals. It will also give you the time you need for SEO marketing. Now when Google bots check your site and see new content, your site gets more points.

advantages of seo marketing

What are the SEO Marketing advantages?

By using SEO in your services, you can place your site among the top Google rankings, and increase your site’s clickthrough rate. Note that all your activities will be fruitful when the user can access your website from all Internet sites.
With the help of SEO marketing, you can create backlinks on your site, which will improve your site’s ranking in search engines. It will increase the chances of users visiting your website.
With the help of SEO marketing, you can improve the ranking of your site and finally get a good Alexa ranking. Reducing Alexa rankings can have a detrimental effect on your website, so you need to increase your content quality in this area.

What is the role of SEO marketing in the success of internet businesses?

We do know what is SEO Marketing now, and the importance of SEO marketing in internet businesses can not be ignored. The impact of SEO marketing on your business is such that SEO professionals can also be considered a kind of marketer. Marketing is an essential factor for any business that you can use to increase your profits. You can do some marketing on your business by checking your website.

If you want to become an SEO expert, you must first identify the needs of users. The result of your research will have a significant impact on the SEO process. You can work on your optimization in different ways with the help of SEO marketing. For example, in the technical part of the site, the performance of programming is examined. Note that the more you follow the SEO principles on your website, the more successful you can be in SEO marketing.

Here are some key pointers in moving your SEO Marketing

  • Voice Search is one of the essential SEO marketing trends
  • Your mobile version is more valuable than the desktop version
  • Use the SSL security protocol for your site
  • Take UX user experience design seriously in website design
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) will change SEO marketing

These are the topics we will talk more about in future posts.

How to start a web design (5 simple steps for beginners)

How to start a web design (5 simple steps for beginners)

How to start a web design?

To enter the world of Internet businesses, you must get help from a reputable web design company. With their advice, choose the right path to start a startup. If you are familiar with web design and want to start this yourself, pay attention to the following steps to start web design.

  • Select a domain name (website URL) and Buy hosts and domains from a reputable company
  • Website or online store design
  • Website optimization
  • Make money from the website

Step 1 to start a web design | Select and purchase hosts and domains 

Buying a host and registering an internet domain can be considered one of the most important things that you must be very serious and sensitive in choosing. Choosing a suitable hosting and the domain name of the company that provides the services you need depends on your audience’s country of residence. For example, if your audience is mostly in Canada, it is recommended to use Canadian hosting to have a high speed for sharing site content. If your audience lives in another country, you need to use international hosting. Because the choice of hosts is directly related to the speed of loading site information for your audience. So doing and selecting the desired host and web design. It is time for your site to be uploaded inside a suitable host and connected to the domain.

Step 2 to start a web design | Website or online store design

Web design includes steps that must you should consider too much. The first thing in designing a site and have a professional web design is having a goal and being aware of having a website. Then you have to choose a logo as well as a template with a suitable style for your website. So that it is attractive and pleasant for the visitor to the site. It would help if you examined your audience correctly. In this way, you can get the necessary knowledge of the audience. After completing these steps, you need to provide it to the web design company to implement, complete, and design the site.

start a webdesign

Step 3 to start a web design | Website optimization

The value of the site optimization or SEO phase is much higher than the previous steps. Because you want to have an active and popular site, which, of course, determines your website’s purpose. In e-commerce today, visitors play a significant role in monetization and efficiency. Website optimization is a scientific matter and requires the use of experts in this work so that these experts increase the site’s ranking in the search engine and make your website visible to Internet users.

Step 1 to start a web design | Make money from the website

All of the above steps are an introduction to the monetization stage. Although the optimization phase is one of the revenue generation stages, it is to complete it so that you have a correct and complete knowledge of internet business science. Common ways in internet business include using SMS advertising, using beautiful and attractive templates, marketing on the Internet, engaging content for the audience, and things like that.


Backlinks in SEO ; Why it is important fo SEO?

Backlinks in SEO ; Why it is important fo SEO?

The importance of backlinks in SEO

In this article, we try to express a little bit of the importance of backlinks in SEO:

One of the active factors in SEO is backlinks that if they are determined correctly, it can improve the ranking and increase its users. They are essential because they show Google that your site is popular among other websites.

On the other hand, it will increase your domain’s credibility with Google, but not for every backlink! Which we will explain more about in the following. Backlinks are vital because they represent the domain of your site,

The more and the higher the quality, the higher the website rank will be, and the more page authority the site pages will have. Submitting links to social pages, forums, and other websites are very important and useful in SEO.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks refer to links that refer to pages or a page of a site. By clicking on them can be entered into the desired website.

Backlinks are created when a link is given to your site from another site, which is in the form of followers and novels. In general, linking from other sites is a positive signal to Google. And by doing so, search engines conclude that the content of a site is valuable.

Backlinks can be created naturally or spontaneously; for example, you can link directly to another site by specifying a specific name. In this case, you have created a natural backlink.

The importance of strong backlinks in SEO

  • There are strong and valuable links that are received from reputable and popular sites.
  • Websites that have a broad audience have the right Alexa color.
  • And they also have a good rank on the Moz site.
  • Getting backlinks from spam and poor websites will harm SEO.
  • And some competitors may even try to hit your site.


backlinks in SEO

Follow and no-follow backlinks in SEO

It is better to compare follow links to points for easier understanding. More do-follow links mean more points. Therefore, the site with the highest score will win. When a page receives a lot of do-follow links, search engines usually realize the popularity and efficiency of its content and thus improve its ranking in the search results list compared to similar websites. Of course, you should know that a large number of do-follow links, under certain conditions, can reverse and cause your website to rank lower.

What effect do backlinks have on-site ranking?

  • When you receive a backlink from a site, you receive part of its credibility, and of course, this does not mean that the first site’s reliability is reduced.
  • We mentioned above that you should get healthy backlinks. One of the reasons for this is the credibility of the site.
  • If you get backlinks from a site with a good ranking in Google, this will have a positive effect on your site’s ranking.
  • And improves the site’s ranking in Google.
  • These changes do not happen instantly and will be palpable over time.
  • You should also note that receiving a large volume of backlinks in a short period is not good at all, and Google considers it as an example of fraud.

From which sites should we get backlinks?

  • Get links to these remarkable examples of backlinks in SEO
  • Sites that have topics related to your website and have the same keywords as you
  • Sites that rank well on Google and are in the initial results of the first page
  • From a site that has high page rank and page authority
  • Be sure to link to your site from social networks, forums, and forums.
  • Use news websites to submit links and report ad; ad reporting is also a kind of permanent backlink is essential.